Sunday, September 28, 2008

You really got a hold on me.

I have been meaning to blog for the past few days but I just didn't have any work to share. I always like to throw in a page here and there. Oh and it was a insane week. I swear do you ever feel you can live a lifetime in a matter of hours? Days? That is how I felt this week. Not a good week. I just have to hold on to the hope that it gets better and not worse.

On a happy note I did end up going down to Oakdale on Fri to crop with my cousin. We were gonna go to Suzy's in Fremont but somehow we decided gas and my car leaking wasn't a good idea to drive that far. We had a good time. I do miss the girls up there but I'll catch them next time hopefully. My cousin and I laughed our asses off and the owner was a sweetie. There was one older woman there that got 15 pages done! WTF?!? We called her the Paginator (like terminator)! Usually at crops I get maybe one page done sometimes not even finished. Fri I got 3, yes 3, pages done! WOW! I was really feeling blah about my work lately. UGH! But these came out ok. I hate feeling stale.

Ohhh circus pics!

My uncle, his mom, and his grandmother. I stole this from cousin. She was gonna scrap it and couldn't find paper she wanted to use. I took it and put it under that frame and it went perfectly! Sorry cousin! But I told her she could have the page after I took my pics. I was at a loss for the title and man you should have heard us making up crap. Seriously we were cracking up but I don't think I should repeat what they were lol! Let's just say her grandmother wasn't a very nice lady mmkay?

Ohhh did u see the sneak for RVK? I just posted it!

It is lovely! Did you all play along with my challenge? Well you should because you could win this Oct kit. (Man I use way to many !!! <-----) Get on it you have 1 (that's right) day.

I have been busy working on stuff for the magazine. I'm finding it hard to create and not share lol! I knew that would be a challenge. I mean I have to wait all the way till feb. They are having a pub call. Girls get on it! I have a talented bunch of online friends and I want you all to submit!

January/February Page Calls
• Layouts & Projects showing or using snow/ice/cold
elements or photos
• Valentine’s Day layouts, cards, and projects
• Layouts and projects using the colors red and pink
• Layouts and projects that highlight New Year’s
parties and resolutions
• Layouts or projects showing unusual use of texture
• Layouts or projects featuring fun and unique ways
to use chipboard
• Circular layouts, and projects using circles and
circular elements
• Layouts with lots of journaling
The deadline for these calls is October 15th, 2008.
Use our online submission tool at - be sure to
read our rules for submission!
Email for submission questions and issues.

If you do submit or subscribe please use me as a referral.
On submissions note it in your supplies, on subscriptions note it in the notes.

Hmmm what else?? Need to clean my desk and put laundry away. Why is laundry never ending? Just when I think I have it under control it triples in size. Ah such is life!

Are you excited Halloween is coming? I am! That means horror movie marathons on all the stations. YESSSSSSS! I am a HUGE horror movie fan in case you didn't know.

Oh played poker with hubs and his cousin last night and I freakin wiped the floor with them. Hehehehe! I was short stacked about 3 hands into the game and somehow came out on top?!? Love Texas hold'em...when I win anyway lol! My hubby usually plows right over me (I think he was being nice). My son wanted to play with daddy so I was the dealer. Shoulda got pics...What was I thinking?

Kids have 2 weeks off and we are gonna go to the pumpkin patch! YAY! They have a corn maze, haunted house, train ride and pumpkins too! haha! I better get some good ass pics dang it. Of course I'll share.

Gosh this is extremely long! I'll end it here. Have a great Sunday!


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Someone said that you're fading too soon

So I said today I would have some awesome news and well I do...I am now the proud DT member of the online magazine Scrap N Art! YAY!! I'm so excited! Now you maybe thinking "I like my paper mags" but let me tell you online mags are 100% better. Why you ask? Well for 1 they are usually FREE! In this time of need a free scrappin magazine is da bomb! 2 well green of course! They aren't waisting all that paper on thousands of publications just to have you throw them away! If those 2 wonderful points didn't get you then I don't know what will! Times they are a changing my friends! So if you love scrapping/art and love free stuff and love to do your part to make the world a better place then why not subscribe to this awesome publication...Oh and did I mention it was free?!? LOL!!!
*eta-make sure you put my name in the referred by field!!*

So the new Mojo is up. It was brought to you by the lovely Christina. I thought I had my pic uploaded but I don't so it will have to wait till tmw! But the sponsor is a freakin new amazing kit club. Crop Suey! Bree is such a doll! Gotta go check it out. Our guest is ever fab if I do say so myself!

Hmmm what else...Oh yeah! I have posted a challenge over at RVK! You can win the October kit!! Here is the page I made for it using the freakin awesome kit!

This is my aunt and uncle when they were first dating. This quote freakin fits them to a t! LOL!

I also said we went to the circus and well here are some pics from that.

I have many many more but of course I'm not gonna post them all! It was a great time full of wonderful memories. Happy weekend!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oh lord wont you buy me a Mercedes Benz

I had a wonderful day with the kiddos yesterday. We went to the circus. I'll tell you all about it in a few days. I'm still editing the pics. Oh and I have some exciting news to share on sat! YAY!

Here are my RVKC creations. I really went crazy with this kit. There was just to many cool things in it.

A little card I made for some bunny...Don't know who yet but it will find a home.

My husband and I.

My wonderful MIL who passed away 4 yrs ago. She was one of the most wonderful ladies I have ever met and I miss her everyday.

Ok so this was the clipboard that came in the kit and I made it into a Art Journal for Rachel's online class. I am having a great time with this class.

top view of pages..

One of the pages for said Art Journal class.

My great great grandpa with some cousins of my grandmothers.

These are pics of my grandma and grandpa. Notice he is pinching her booby? AHAHAHAHAHA that cracks me up! My grandma still laughs at that pic. They were married up until the day he died.

Make sure to stop by RVCK tmw I will be holding a challenge and you will get a chance to win the October kit!


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Blood and tears

This is for Dina, Kenner Road and my lovely friend Kerry Lynn...We moved around a lot (when I was a kid) and I cant say it was a great thing. I didn't like any city I lived in really. Tough growing up making friends and then leaving. Being a new kid sucks. So the only street I can say I grew up on is Tina Ln...That was my grandma's street. She was the only constant I had. I was over her house everyday practically. Her house and that street was my wonderland.

If you want a chance to win some fab prizes then click those links above! Kerry has a wonderful project she started and I know you wont wanna miss it! Look at how lovely this stuff is!

RVKC stuff coming on tues. It is all done and ready to post! YAY! Did you see the updates to the blog? Michelle is a master digital girl! I said can u make some woodgrain tabs and she freakin rocked it! I am working on some blinkies to go on blogs so we can all show love for RVKC hehe!

Ohhh I made a art journal for Rachel's online class! OMG if you haven't signed up for this you so should. It is so inspiring!

I did this page for a special project. I cant say what it is but maybe I'll be able to share some good news soon!

Used a lot of Glimmer Mist and the prize stuff I won from OLW! That paper is very pretty!

Oh and happy happy! I hit the 60 lb mark! YAY!!! I'm so stoked!

Hope you are having a fab weekend!


Friday, September 5, 2008

Mother mother are ya listening

I got some random things to share. The new ScrapMojo challenge is up and I think its a pretty fun one. Well I had fun with it anyway.

Of course this is my sister Janna. I used the bumper sticker "my honor student kicks your honor students ass". I used glimmer mist for the splatters and also on the hambly frames. The woodgrain dymo type is made from plastic of course. Come play along with us. Heather (metrochic) is our guest. I ♥ that girl.

Mojo is having a anniversary this month. Sept 13th was our first post! YAY! We will be having some fun things to offer.

I've lost 57 pounds...I'm almost on my 3rd month.

Should be getting the new RVK in the mail any day...Ack I cant wait. It truly is fabulous.

Dani nominated me for a cool award that I will get to on the next post! Thanks luv!

Oh and I made the catwalk! Woot!

I think that's it for now. Going to cousins house. Hope you all have a fab weekend!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Do it for the mouse turds under your bed

My cousins and I were talking about our favorite shows back in the day. I brought up one of my very fav shows...The adventures of Pete & Pete. I freakin ♥ that show. Summer is on its way out and what better way to say farewell then with a Pete & Pete episode...Mmmm Mr.Tastee

The RVK is up and its beautiful! I cant wait to get this baby in the mail.

There is so much more not pictured. You really must see it all. We also have a new member to the dt...JEN! She rocks!

Now I think I will go beat up the ocean with Pete and Artie the strongest man in the world.