Thursday, July 16, 2009

I wanna be rich and I want lots of money

(I decided to go head and post this post since I took time to write it way back in June lol. Enjoy!)

I know I said my next post was gonna be a video blog but I am never dressed and cute looking to do one. When I am I usually am going somewhere. It will happen just don't know when lol!

I have been a busy little bee lately. Besides cleaning and going places Hubs and I ripped up the carpet! YAY us! It was hard work...thank goodness I had a strong man helping me. He is a good hubby. We had a few surprises under that carpet. None good. We have a patched hole under the window. Looks like that is where they were going to put the ac vent and decided not to. Under the tv is a big hole yikes! They were kind enough to do a shitty job patching that up with some 2x4's lol! So we will some day patch those ourselves but for now I am just living with it. Not a big deal really. I love how the room looks now. I HATED that ugly ass carpet. So stained and bleck. Then I pulled off the cheap white tiles on my fireplace to expose the brick underneath. Love it much more. I have a whole shabby vintage look going on now.

I picked out my curtains I want.

This pic really doesn't do those justice. I seen them in the store and you can "pin" them up so they kind of have this wonderful billow look. Well you will see when i get them lol!

I have been so inspired lately. I just want to fix my house up. I had been in such a depression about our house. See I was one that would go look at model homes all the time. Dreaming of the perfect house. My perfect house would be a old Victorian something like this...

(priced at only 79,500 I could so afford it...Sniff sniff)
This house makes my heart melt. It is soooooo beautiful. I want it! BUT I am stuck here. My father in law left us this house and didn't put it in his living trust. It has to go thru probate but sadly we don't have the money to do that. Like I said stuck. If I could sell this house I would have. STUCK. I was depressed for many years about this reality. I hated this house, I hated being so far from my family, I hated that I was stuck. I tried to just not think about it. I never fixed it up or added my personal touches to this cookie cutter type house. I just couldn't do it.

Now I think I have finally got it in my head that I am probably never going to leave this house and I just have to make the best of it. Yes my heart still aches for my dream home up there. Will it ever happen? I don't know but I am not holding out for that. I need to make this house work for us for now. I need to stop wishing it was bigger and nicer and start making it a home that my kids and I can feel love in. I really feel if you don't love your home then no one will. I am changing my heart.

So stuck I am and stuck I will be but that is ok. This little old house will be filled with love and someday it will be my pumpkin turned stage coach in my fairytale.

I have many many ideas for it. I am starting in the living room because that is where everyone sits and mingles and watches the telly. I would love love love to go with all white and add my pinks and creams and cottage style shabby chic-ness...Eeehhh WRONG! 1. I have 4 kids not to mention 2 of them are boys. 2. I have a hubby with an opinion. LOL! I don't think he would like that much girlie ness in one room. I think I compromised some. I choose a red for the walls with white trim. My inspiration is this picture here.

That is from a double wide trailer. I mean if they can make a double wide trailer look like that I can make this 1938 rectangle look good right? LOL!

I also want these beauties from dali decals.

The branch is going to be in white and coming from the window and the words also in white but I am going to put it on a old piece of roof tin that I am going to paint black.

I am on a very tight budget. VERY VERY TIGHT. This all may take a month or two or 3 lol! I am selling a lot of scrapping stuff that I don't use anymore to hopefully get some of the money for the decals and what not.

I found some awesome finds at the goodwill the other day. I dropped off some clothes there and had to look around.

They have a ton of frames so when it comes time for me to get some frames I am going to go there. I have a few music sheets I bought from a antique store a while back I want to frame. This is a great way to get cheap art. I only paid 5 bucks for these.

No scrapping to share. Haven't had time. I will be doing some of that soon tho. I have watched many movies. we took the kids to go see up. Sooooooooo adorable. I loved it and cried like a big baby. I always love pixars shorts. The one they had at the beginning of this one was just awesome. I recommend this movie. You have to go see it.

I also have seen...

The hangover- freakin hilarious!
Gran Torino- AWESOME
Drag me to hell- Pretty cool
Land of the lost- Not bad

We had planned to go camping this weekend but it has been so cool that we decided not to go. Last night it rained! WTF? Is this June? I am greatful tho that it hasn't been to hot. I haven't even turned on my ac!

Monday we are going to pick up his aunt from the Airport in SF. We decided to make a day of it. Taking the kids to the pier. I can't wait. Then on the 29th we are going to Santa Cruz! My heart leaps for that city. It is so beautiful there. I wish i could live there. I know the kids are gonna love it.

Man this post is getting long. That's what I get for not posting in a while. On to my garden. It is doing good. We have been snacking on fresh picked raw green beans. Yummmy! We all love them that way. There are so many green tomatoes on the bushes. I have made squash twice now, and we have a pumpkin growing! I am so excited but I hope i get more then one lol!

Alright I think that is all I am going to spill for now. I will be back soon with pics of the house and some projects I am working on. Have a wonderful weekend!