Saturday, October 29, 2011

oct gcd color

One of my very favorite seasons is Fall. I love the falling leaves, all the beautiful colors, the holidays and of course the food! Pumpkin everything, smells that make your mouth water. To showcase your yummy food you should have a beautiful place setting. This inspiration picture is just gorgeous! I mean the colors are not your typical fall colors but they work for fall sooo well! Wouldnt you agree! I love these colors so very much.

I knew I needed to use a white background for these beautiful colors so they would pop even more off the page.

When I think of fall I think of family, friends, and all the pictures I take. I never get a chance to take one of myself. Thank goodness there are other photographers in the family.

This picture captures ME. I always have the camera in my hand. I am always trying to capture everyone else in their element. I am so glad someone captured me in mine.

Used lots of Donna Salzar and the twine is from Divine Twine, Whisker Graphics.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

I'll drink to that!

Hey ya'll I have a huge favor to ask you! Ok not that huge but it is a favor none the less. In doing this favor you could also win a prize from me! Who doesn't like prizes right? Wanna see what you could win?! Here we go.

It doesn't have to be a deer. If you follow my work you know I make lots of stuff. If you don't like the deer maybe something else I have made tickles your fancy. All you have to do is go click on this link and LIKE the photo on facebook. My husband is entered in a contest and he has to get lots and lots of likes! To show my appreciation I will be holding a drawing to win! Make sure to leave me a comment that you did like the photo and you will be entered to win! Thank you all so very much!


Friday, October 21, 2011

GCD october tech

Halloween is fast approaching. I don't know about you but my children are constantly asking how many more days till the candy filled dress up day. To Make that fun and something I don't have to answer 4 times each day I came up with this Halloween countdown.

Now to make your own.
Orange PP in 2 different patterns
Pop dots
Chalkboard paint
Paper Mache house

Paint your paper mache house with chalkboard paint. Follow directions on bottle. Let dry.

For the pumpkin you need 5 ovals. 2 in one pattern and 3 in another. My pumpkin uses 5 3 inch ovals. Ink all edges to make them pop.

Begin to build your pumpkin. Start from one side and glue the 2nd oval to the first. Add your 4th oval to the 2nd.

Glue your 5th oval to your 4th.

Last glue your 3rd and final piece to the middle.

The back will look like this. I cut out a freehand stem for my pumpkin and also glued it to the back.

Attach twine around the roof to hold your chalk and a jewel to the pumpkin to bring more attention to it.
I wanted to add just a little more and break up the house so I added a boarder I cut from RSVP.

All you need to do is give your kids the chalk and begin the countdown!


Saturday, October 15, 2011

And we could watch a place in the sun

Ok I am in such a blah place right now. I know its a number of reasons but the main one is PMS. Yes I said it. I mean 99% of my readers are ladies so why not just put it out there. I hate that week or two out of the month where everything makes me wanna jump off a cliff. Tears are always waiting to come pouring out my eyes. Am I the only one? HMPH. When I get this way I find it hard to do much of anything.

I had a interview the other day. My 3rd since I have been out of school. They all seem to have been right around THAT time. I dont deal with rejection well and I am not use to not getting the job. I have only ever not gotten the job one time. The guy that interviewed me was a JERK so I knew it was a no go. I was dissapointed but it wasnt that big of a deal. That was over 15 years ago.

I graduated top of my class with a 3.97 and perfect attendance. Why the heck cant I get a job?!? I am just so confused and hurt. I feel like it must be me. I'm taking it personally. I know I shouldnt. Again with the "I give myself very good advice, but I rarely seldom follow it." It really is true. I guess I just don't know how to snap my heart out of it. If I thought slapping myself in the face would help, I would. Ha!

I am lucky, I am blessed, even tho I dont feel like it. I shouldnt have to remind myself that, it could be worse. I could be batteling cancer or a loss of a loved one. Heartache knows everyone. So snap out of it! Right?!

Right. I have friends who are super awesome, family that I adore and adores me back. My soulmate. Who could ask for anything more?! With that being said I am going to TRY not to let this, financial bull s%^& bring me down. I am going to assume that there is something better out there. Eventually it will come my way. IF it never does, well at least I lived my life happy and not worrying about all the crap I cant change. Life is SHORT. Wow feel like I have had this talk before. (wink)I guess sometimes we need reminding. I am not perfect. Havent I mentioned that?

Ok so on to the small stuff. My son Rowan walked out on the porch where my hubby and I were standing. He looked up at said "look mom a heart!" I looked up and there it was. Ran in and grabbed my camera.
I love this picture. Now I have a story to and a page to go with it.

It reminds me how kids can enjoy and appreciate small things that us adults miss.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

If I was just another dusty record on the shelf

My mom's birthday went well.

Made her cookie dough cupcakes & pumpkin spice fudge. My husband told me they were his very favorite cupcake so far. If you love cookie dough that cupcake is totally for you.

& the Hubs made Sopes.The sopes turned out soooo good.

I managed to make her a simple card.
I channeled my inner Ashley Newell. Not as sweet as her cards but I made it in 5 mins so I don't think it turned out bad. All in all it was a lovely day.

I managed to complete 5 pages that I have started and never completed. This is one of them.
Hambly and Crate for this one.

My husband and I have been together now for almost 19 years. I say that constitutes me calling us soul mates, wouldn't you?

Speaking of Crate...What is with AC buying up all these SB companies? NUTS! I love Crate paper. I am also sad to see Sass is out of the game. I mean I guess things have gotten really tough for EVERYONE. I hope this economy turns around soon.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Watching telly, drinking wine

I have so much to share with you. Of course you may not want me to share it but I shall anyway lol!

We had our 2nd Friday fright night of the season. We did a Nightmare On Elm Street marathon. Of course we skipped the 2nd movie. Worst nightmare ever!

For dinner I made the Chicken Broccoli Bake. We LOVE this casserole.

It is freakin delicious! I use Normandy veggies in it instead of just broccoli and the kids really like it. YUM!

For our treat we ate (& I made) white chocolate pretzel rods.

OMG sooo delicious. I used white chocolate chips and melted them over a double boiler. When you do that, make sure to turn it low and keep stirring. Dip the rods in and sprinkle while still wet with Halloween sprinkles.


Another page to share. This picture is of me. Of course. My husband took it.
Are you surprised it is made with Crate Papers Random? Yeah I didn't think so. :)
When I do pages of myself, I like to be all deep and profound. HAHA! No but I do like to tell something heartfelt about how far I have come or how I feel about life. You know the same old blah blah.

I was inspired by Debee Campos and one of her older scrapbook pages. I adore that lil lady.

My mom's birthday was sweet and small. All turned out well. More to come!


Sunday, October 9, 2011

There's just the right amount of awkward

My mom's birthday is today! Happy Birthday MAMA! I adore you to bits! Isn't she lovely?

I am making cookie dough cupcakes and maybe sopes. Never have made them so it should get interesting.

Found this page that I forgot to upload. I think I was going to journal on it.

I still might, but the picture speaks for itself.

They truly are best friends. Sadly she had to move and it really is hard on my daughter and our family. She became part of our family too.

Lots more to blog about soon. I have a guest spot coming up for someone really cool in November, pumpkin patch trip, Halloween, and more pages that I did just because! hehe!


Friday, October 7, 2011

No woman no cry

As I stated before I have been on a roll when it comes to scrapbooking. When I can scrap for no reason, with no deadlines looming or boxes put around me, that is when the creativity flows. I have many many pages to share with you so make sure to keep coming back to see what I have in store...If you like, of course.

I love Crate Paper, and their new-ish collection Random is no exception. I adore it.I also used Divine Twine from whisker graphics. This twine truly is divine!

So many pretty colors and elements. It went so well with my Santa Cruz pics. These are of our trip there when we went to see Lost boys on the beach. I try to make it out there every year, so you will see a lot of pics from this most awesome place.

I love scrapping just because.

(no pic)
Chili dogs

Beef stew(my own recipe)

Dorito Casserole

I already have my menu set up for next month. Now to get my grocery list done. This has made my life so much easier! Thank you Pinterest!!! *wink*


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I only love you when I'm down

I have been creating pages left and right these past few days. I think it is the Random collection by Crate Paper that has inspired me so. It took a day or two but I got out of the funk I was in and got busy.
The colors are so springy it kinda takes me out of the whole Halloween mode. I need to get some really good Halloween papers to inspire me! Although I did find that cute printable on Pinterest. The AC Halloween line is super cute too. Used that on my scrapjacked project.

I am so inspired by quilts and this is a quilt pattern I found on the Internet. Very simple and fun. The picture if of my husband and my feet on the beach watching lost boys in Santa Cruz. I NEVER get tired of scrapping these pictures. Never.

Rowans Bday part was Sunday. He had a lovely time. We bought him a MP3 player, sketch book and pens, and gave him a little spending money. Here is the happy bday boy opening pressies.

I made juicy Lucy's, chili cheese fries and a ice cream cake. the ice cream cake was a disaster. I really should've made it the night b4. Oh well. Still tasted good lol!

We also had our first Friday fright night last Friday. Kids love when we do that. We had grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches with soup, snacked on marshmallows and watched Children of the Corn and The others.

My hubby had a glow stick and he TRIED to scare the kids. We creeped outside and was staring in the window but my youngest son saw him right away and wasn't scared. Booo! LOL! We ended up breakin the glow stick open and painting our faces with it. They thought that was great.

As I stated I did a whole months worth of menu planning. Monday nights dinner was...

Roasted Garlic Mushrooms(sooooooo Delicious!)Pesto chicken,and white cheddar pasta shells.(From the box)

Loved it!