Friday, October 7, 2011

No woman no cry

As I stated before I have been on a roll when it comes to scrapbooking. When I can scrap for no reason, with no deadlines looming or boxes put around me, that is when the creativity flows. I have many many pages to share with you so make sure to keep coming back to see what I have in store...If you like, of course.

I love Crate Paper, and their new-ish collection Random is no exception. I adore it.I also used Divine Twine from whisker graphics. This twine truly is divine!

So many pretty colors and elements. It went so well with my Santa Cruz pics. These are of our trip there when we went to see Lost boys on the beach. I try to make it out there every year, so you will see a lot of pics from this most awesome place.

I love scrapping just because.

(no pic)
Chili dogs

Beef stew(my own recipe)

Dorito Casserole

I already have my menu set up for next month. Now to get my grocery list done. This has made my life so much easier! Thank you Pinterest!!! *wink*



Ashley Newell said...

This is fabulous! I love the wash tape (?) on the top and bottom! And the journalling (whoa, you journaled) on the edges! Very fun!

Michelle Hernandez said...

AWESOME layout- I love that Crate line too but you use the items in such a fresh manner it's great to see what they are capable of- count on me coming back.

Michelle Hernandez said...

Thanks for visiting my blog girl! I'm, so glad to hear from a person I consider an expert in the scrap world thing- I tried to keep it fair but yes- the clique thing is REALLY starting to get on my last nerve. I thought you would be a fan of that brand- that tells me in no uncertain terms- a girl can be totally cool, urbane and funky without ever touching the stuff. :) yay!
PS- am I crazy for just noticing what you did with the spangles in the page? That is AWESOME!