Saturday, October 29, 2011

oct gcd color

One of my very favorite seasons is Fall. I love the falling leaves, all the beautiful colors, the holidays and of course the food! Pumpkin everything, smells that make your mouth water. To showcase your yummy food you should have a beautiful place setting. This inspiration picture is just gorgeous! I mean the colors are not your typical fall colors but they work for fall sooo well! Wouldnt you agree! I love these colors so very much.

I knew I needed to use a white background for these beautiful colors so they would pop even more off the page.

When I think of fall I think of family, friends, and all the pictures I take. I never get a chance to take one of myself. Thank goodness there are other photographers in the family.

This picture captures ME. I always have the camera in my hand. I am always trying to capture everyone else in their element. I am so glad someone captured me in mine.

Used lots of Donna Salzar and the twine is from Divine Twine, Whisker Graphics.


Pamela said...

Love this! Gorgeous layout! :)

Michelle Hernandez said...

I gotta admit this palette is FABULOUS! I would never put it together myself as several colors here are "not my faves"- whatever! This totally changed my mind!!
LOVE your page- wonderful clean design. Love the editing in the photo as well- great depth of color and contrast there. Swung by because I scheduled your project to post over at Gauche Alchemy on the third. If you want anything else added just PM me the shots and whatever info you'd like included. Thanks lady!