Thursday, November 10, 2011

Seasons come and go

Ok so I am so far behind. As you all know I went to school to become an RDA. Hoping that I would get a job right away. That has NOT happened. In return I am VERY short on money. Well something happened on Halloween that just made it almost IMPOSSIBLE to make it. I wont go into detail but it really shook my world and dropped me on my head.

Why do things like this happen always around the holidays? Not to mention my laptop is no longer in working order and my hubs cell phone is on the fritz. Of course I can live without all that but still...They say when it rains, it pours and boy were they ever right!

I have had a few interviews...But no jobs. It really is a blow to your ego when you don't get that call back. Just gotta keep on keepin on I guess. I will get through it. I know this. Just is hard to believe sometimes. Blah!

As I stated above I am far behind. This page I did a while back. It is of my cousin Marky. He was having such a wonderful time on that rocking horse. Of course used more sass and Hambly.
Isn't the look on his face priceless? Adore!

Halloween you say?!? Yes. I should have posted this a while ago but there is a tutorial for this little Halloween chalkboard I made on the A Million Memories blog. Love how it turned out. Easy to make too!

You will see more Halloween in the days to come. I still never did post my mantel and decorations. Stay tuned! Oh and be sure to send more good thoughts and prayers. I can always use them.



Art From The heart said...

Sending good thoughts,prayers and hugs.
Hope things are better soon.

Michelle Hernandez said...

I'm definitely sending positive vibes your way girl- these two projects are wonderful- that page design is so striking and the chalkboard is a great idea. I hope things have started to look a tiny bit brighter- hugs all the way from NYC.

Michelle Hernandez said...

Marie CONGRATS ON THE HAMBLY DT!!! YAY!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you! I knew you would get in- your work is so modern and well designed- it's gonna be GREAT to see your work there!