Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Everybody come together

Wow last week was a trial let me tell ya. I could barely walk, drink, move, it was almost unbearable. Not because I was in a lot of pain but because it was frustrating. I couldn't even sit on the computer more then 5 mins without feeling like I was going to pass out. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. I went to the Dr yesterday and about passed out trying to walk up to the office. I finally get into the room after waiting an hour and found out I have had low blood pressure. Its been low since I got out of surgery. It was 101/54 and in the office it was 110/74. That was what was causing me feeling soooooo bad. I had to eat more protein to get it back up. Yesterday i spent the day eating pintos and cheese and actually by the end of the night felt almost 75% better. Still felt a little light headed but nothing like before. Sooo learn from my mistakes right? Today is day 12 and I have lost 20 lbs so far. They also gave me a b12 and b1 shot because of the mishap in the hosp. So today I am trying to get back into the groove of things with a clearer head and a little more energy then before. I haven't even touched my scrappin supplies. Today i will hopefully finish up my rvk pages and post those tmw. Man never thought I would be out of commission this long with this surgery. So even tho most of you said you would like to hear about my journey on this blog I decided I am going to start a private blog about it. I am going to be telling EVERYTHING that goes on with this surgery and including pics. I know there are some scrappin friends out there who maybe considering this surgery and I want them to know what i went thru but its not something i just want anyone who comes surfing on in to see. So if you would like to be able to read this blog that I speak of email me at mariescorner@myctmh.com and i will send you the link.

You know I cant post without posting some kind of eye candy. So here ya go.

I did this for debbee's challenge over at sis. It is a very personal layout. Probably one of the most personal ones I've done. I love this song by Ben folds 5 (that's who it was back in the day) and when i heard it on the radio I knew I had to use it on a page. It took on the meaning of me singing it to me. I know crazy but sometimes I feel like i have two sides. One the happy go lucky everything is gonna be alright side...and the other very depressed gloomy we are all doomed side. That side tends to try to drown the other. Sooo that is what this page is saying. I actually won the challenge and am suppose to be getting a prize! This made the catwalk the week before. WOOT!

This is one that was inspired by my cousin. She kept drilling it into my head that in 100 yrs who is gonna care what we "looked" like. Fat skinny ugly beautiful they just wanna know who and what we were made of. This also made it to the catwalk last week! WOOT woot!

This one was for a challenge I did over at scrap for a cure. It was to use 5 of something on your layout. Its my daughter and her best friend. They are super silly.

My hubby took this pic with my new camera trying it out and i printed it and scrapped. Should never leave them on there if you don't want them shown lol! My hubby is very smart and I know he could do anything he wants to do. I also know he doesn't see that. So that is what inspired this page.

I don't have really anything else to report because I've done nothing but lay on the couch and feel miserable. Thank you all for coming in and wishing me well! It really kept my spirits up! Love you guys!


Monday, June 9, 2008

make my job a big vacation

Hello! This is going to be real short and sweet. I am home from the hosp. Came home sunday (yesterday). I do have to say my stay was not to great lol! It began kinda sucky since they couldn't find a vein in my arm to do the iv in. I was poked 5 times before they finally found one to use. My arm is black and blue from that. Then when i came out of surgery my iv was in a different place for some reason. They didn't tell me why. Found out a day later it wasn't even going in my vein just basically filling my arm up with fluids. My hand became numb and it stung. I kept telling them there was something wrong. They couldn't figure out why I wasn't going to the bathroom enough and decided I needed to have a sono of my bladder. That was not fun at all. I have 6 incisions on my stomach. Your bladder is down by your pelvis and just happened to be right where my c-section scar is. It doesn't feel good to push this plastic thing into the scar to find ur bladder let me tell ya. I almost cried. They were also pushing on my stomach where my incisions were. Needless to say I was not a happy camper. SO when they finally listened to me about the iv they took it out and decided to put it in the other arm. I told her she had one chance if she didn't get it I wasn't going to be poked again. She claimed she got it but about 5 hours later my hand was stinging and became numb and swollen. Thank god it was a different nurse and she took it out all together. Soooo now my arms hurt very badly. I'm trying to get back in to the swing of things but I think its gonna take longer then I expected. I was thinking of starting a blog just for this journey I am taking...I didn't know if i wanted to clutter up this blog with all my personal issues when a lot of the ppl who come by don't really wanna know about it lol! So leave me a comment and tell me what you think.

I want to thank you all for your well wishes! It means a lot to me. I'm not gonna lie I was very scared. I have mixed feelings right now about this choice I have made but I know in a few weeks when I feel better and can eat something other then broth and water Ill feel differently.

I will hopefully be returning tmw to post my rvk layouts because I started them before i left for surgery and didn't finish them. I thought i would finish them when I came home but man that has been difficult. So I will leave you with the scrap for a cure layouts. That kit was fabulous and if you didn't get your hands on it you really need to sign up for a sub lol!

I promise i will be catching up on blogs soon. Hopefully within the next couple days! xoxoxo

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Blue birds fly

Well girls the Red Velvet Kit is up and ready for you to buy! I got mine and immediately started playing!

I devised a little tutorial for ya. It is simple and sweet. I hope you like it.

Supplies you will need (not in kit):
hot glue gun
small alpha stickers

Supplies from kit:
Love Elsie fabric paper
chipboard frame of your choice
Strip from bottom of sass paper (any one you like)
One of the buttons

1. I picked this planner up from Target in the clearance isle for a whole 2.00. You can also get them at the dollar store or any drug store. Paint chipboard frame to match fabric paper. Set aside to dry.

2. Cut your fabric paper to fit your planner. You can trace around it with the sharpie on the paper side or you can roughly cut stick it on and then cut around it to finish it up...That's what I did. Very simple and easy.

3. Cut 2- 1/2 inch wide and 2 in long strips from your left overs for the pen holder. Wrap them around the pen and cut only the paper from where it is going to stick to each other. Leave the paper where the pen goes thru.

4.Hot glue one strip to front inside over. Hot glue second strip to back inside cover making sure to stagger them. This is going to keep your planner closed with the pen.

Seen in this photo.

5. Hot glue painted frame to cover.( I distressed mine with a nail file then outlined it with my brown sharpie.) Thread button, knot, and hot glue to bottom right corner of planner. Hot glue paper scallop strip under frame.

6.Name and date your planner. I glued my alphas down because this is going with me.

Viola you are done!!!I hope you enjoyed this and if you end up making one pls leave me a link so I can see it!

Also the new Mojo is up! Go check it out! We have a super fab sponsor and the pages are out of this world. Here is mine.

I know San Fran is actually a place not a thing but hey that's ok its still a good thing to take pics of the place. HEHEHEHE! Ill get around it somehow right? Just for the record I ♥ Martha!

My surgery is set for tmw at 7:30 am. I wont be back till Sunday. I have lots to share when I get back so please check in on Monday or so. Wish me luck and if you pray pls do so for me! Thanks for all your support!