Monday, June 9, 2008

make my job a big vacation

Hello! This is going to be real short and sweet. I am home from the hosp. Came home sunday (yesterday). I do have to say my stay was not to great lol! It began kinda sucky since they couldn't find a vein in my arm to do the iv in. I was poked 5 times before they finally found one to use. My arm is black and blue from that. Then when i came out of surgery my iv was in a different place for some reason. They didn't tell me why. Found out a day later it wasn't even going in my vein just basically filling my arm up with fluids. My hand became numb and it stung. I kept telling them there was something wrong. They couldn't figure out why I wasn't going to the bathroom enough and decided I needed to have a sono of my bladder. That was not fun at all. I have 6 incisions on my stomach. Your bladder is down by your pelvis and just happened to be right where my c-section scar is. It doesn't feel good to push this plastic thing into the scar to find ur bladder let me tell ya. I almost cried. They were also pushing on my stomach where my incisions were. Needless to say I was not a happy camper. SO when they finally listened to me about the iv they took it out and decided to put it in the other arm. I told her she had one chance if she didn't get it I wasn't going to be poked again. She claimed she got it but about 5 hours later my hand was stinging and became numb and swollen. Thank god it was a different nurse and she took it out all together. Soooo now my arms hurt very badly. I'm trying to get back in to the swing of things but I think its gonna take longer then I expected. I was thinking of starting a blog just for this journey I am taking...I didn't know if i wanted to clutter up this blog with all my personal issues when a lot of the ppl who come by don't really wanna know about it lol! So leave me a comment and tell me what you think.

I want to thank you all for your well wishes! It means a lot to me. I'm not gonna lie I was very scared. I have mixed feelings right now about this choice I have made but I know in a few weeks when I feel better and can eat something other then broth and water Ill feel differently.

I will hopefully be returning tmw to post my rvk layouts because I started them before i left for surgery and didn't finish them. I thought i would finish them when I came home but man that has been difficult. So I will leave you with the scrap for a cure layouts. That kit was fabulous and if you didn't get your hands on it you really need to sign up for a sub lol!

I promise i will be catching up on blogs soon. Hopefully within the next couple days! xoxoxo


Anonymous said...

Sending you big hugs. I hope your recovery time is quick! :)

Ginajam said...

Marie...I'm so glad you are home safely and hopefully on the mend. That surgery sounds VERY scarey. You are so brave for choosing to do it. I hope you continue to tell us how you are doing and I don't mind at all if you talk about it on this blog. Everyone should be care about you as well as come by to see all of your talent! Hope your arms feel better soon. I am right there with ya...I always said it was more painful getting those iv's put in than giving birth!! They always screwed up with me, too!! Feel better!

Michelle said...

So sorry they messed up with your iv so many times. I would have smacked them upside the head. I think its fine to post it here. Doesn't bother me. Beautiful layouts. I couldn't stop thinking about you this whole weekend!

Unknown said...

Glad your home and everything went semi-ok. Hope the rest of the recovery goes smoothly, thinking of you.
And as for those layouts MY GOODNESS! LOVE THEM ALL!! makes my brain spin just to visit your blog lol

Ginger Dougherty said...

Wowsa what an IV story. Nuckleheads I tell ya. I too had a story like that when I was in labor with Liam. I'm glad you are on the mends now. take care

Rose Ann said...

Hi Marie,
Hope you feel much better real soon!!

You are in my prayers love! God Bless you.

Superb layouts btw ♥

dani said...

omigoodness girl! I can't believe they did all that to you - sounds awful! I hope you'll be feeling better soon - I have definitely been thinking about you this past week!!

Love these layouts - LOVE the colors!

Fauve Design said...

I am sorry things sucked at the hospital girl!That doesnt sound very good...You go and start that blog now,because you know i will be checkin up on you whenever i can!

Take care love you xoxo

Lindsay said...

Awww, Marie...I'm so sorry to hear that it was kinda a crazy time. But, I am glad that you are home safely (not about the pain...arms are a scrapper's livelihood!)...I hope you feel better super fast! Let me know if you need anything.


Anonymous said...

girl, I am so sorry you had such a rough time at the hospital. Glad you are home and feeling better.
I think posting your personal info here is just fine with me.
feel better sista!

Melissa Mann said...

Hey chickie!! Glad you are home and so sorry for all the mess they put you thru with the IV's...dontcha hate when they can't "find" a vein..oy.

Hope the rest of your recovery goes smoothly!!! Thinking of yoU!


Rach H said...

sorry to read you had a crappy time in hospital.......know all about those IV's too!!
take it easy + take care.

lovin those gorgeous LO's too!!

fraise said...

Hi Marie! I don´t know what type of surgery you´ve had, but I send you well wishes (from Stockholm Sweden) and hope for a fast recovery! :-) PS. I looove your layouts as usual! You´re FAB!!!

Lizee said...

wow i cant believe you had the energy to blog and post pictures!!

you made a very brave decision!
wishing you a super speedy recovery!


TheresaK said...

I am glad you are home & safe! Get plenty of rest & feel better soon!
oh yea...I LOVE all those layouts!!

Crystal said...

awww cousin Im so sorry things were not so easy for you. I hope you recover quickly and your hands feel better. There is nothing worse than having pain in your hands when you shouldnt.

Shannon said...

awwww man, im sorry you had to go thru that. but im glad you are doing okay and i totally wanna hear about this journey of yours. good luck with everything!

Sara Berry said...

Ouch! I would have been bawling! I hope you are feeling much better soon and I can only imagine how much mojo you are storing up right now to unleash on us when you do feel like scrapping. Your layouts are great and I especially love that last one! Take care...♥

Anonymous said...

I hope you're feeling better Marie! Sending you hugs, but I'm being careful not to squeeze too hard!