Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What are you waiting for?

Did you have a lovely Christmas? We did. Christmas Eve we headed down to Riverbank to spend the day with my cousins, aunt and uncle, mom, sister, dad and all the rest. It was nice to do that once again. Kids of course had a blast and the food was yummy.

We came home opened one present (our jammies) and read the night before Christmas.

The kids headed for bed and hubby and I took a short nap. Hubby was up before me and I got up around midnight. I finished up wrapping, stuffing, cleaning and preparing and hit the bed about 330 am. I thought for sure I would get to sleep till 9 ish...Ha! It use to be I had to wake the kids up but not anymore! I made them stay in their room till about 545 and let them get up. The unwrapping commenced and all was right with the world.

My bike was my very fav Christmas pressie. Kids got pretty much everything they asked for from Santa.

Now the day has gone already and we have a whole nother year to wait for it again. I always feel sad once its over. Seems to go so fast.

We also made gingerbread houses, went caroling and made a few ornaments.

This month was VERY stressful. At one point wasn't sure where or how Christmas was going to work out. I left it in gods hands and I have to say he provided. I love my family and even if there wasn't one present under our tree I would've been thankful we were all together, safe, happy, and healthy. They are my everything (husband and kids) and I am truly blessed.

I have Christmas decorations to put away, totes to organize, deadlines to meet and my girl cave is a huge mess! I have a whole week to do it in (not to mention I am sick). Do you think I can do it? I hope so.

I also have SF pics to share, Christmas shopping, and thrift store finds. Till then.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Have a Holly Jolly

To you and yours I hope you have a wonderfully lovely christmas!

I know I am!

~Me on my beautiful new beach cruiser my oh so sweet hubby bought me!~

Merry Christmas!

I send prayers, love, peace and joy!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's in the singing of a street corner choir

One more sleeps till Christmas eve! Oh my. I do have 11 days off of school and I have OH so much to do.

To DO List

  1. Bake more cookies, fudge
  2. Cook Cheese potatoes
  3. Prepare turkey
  4. Paint nails :)
  5. Flea Market
  6. Go through garage boxes
  7. Clean girl cave
  8. Downsize/organize
  9. Clean house
  10. Play with new Christmas pressies :)
  11. CRAFT

    I have been feeling so springy lately. Spring is my most fav time of year. I love spring. Planting flowers, the muted colors, the weather. It always makes me feel happy when spring rolls around. I cant wait to take down my Christmas stuff and prepare for spring. On that note here are a few more Christmas shots of my house.

I managed to make ONE Christmas ornament. I swear I am going to do like a 12 days of Christmas ornaments on this blog someday...Think I will have to set that up through out the year...Yeah that's the ticket! HEHE! Anyway the one I did manage to make I love!

I made these for my teachers. I love them. They are super easy to make.

I was a little worried my teachers wouldn't love them as much as I do. I think they liked them almost as much.

Don't forget to stop by the AMM boards. I chat everyday over there. She has giveaways and new products. I love her store she has the best little vintage trims. Hope to see you all there!

*Sandy never did get around to making a video for you BUT I did find one. Go here for the Martha Paper Christmas tree how to! :)

(* btw the red velvet whoopie pies recipe is 2 posts below. Just filled them with cream cheese frosting. Very rich.)

Happy Holidays!!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The very next day you gave it away

That is my most fav Christmas song. I love Wham's version of course. Who doesn't right? I have heard a few remakes but none compare.

Do you have all your Christmas shopping done? Decorating (hope so)? Wrapping? Baking? Me either! The time as usual just keeps slipping away. I have a few things on my to do list before it gets here...Ok way more then a few. Hopefully I can cross off half of those things!

I wanted to share this sweet little star. The tutorial is here. It would be a sweet little ornament.

I like it as a package topper.

I also used my PSA stamps to decorate the Martha Stewart boxes! It gives it a added beautiful touch to it.

The little tag on that package came from this link. I about fainted when I seen some of these beautiful tags! You MUST go download them. They are FREE and super wicked great.

I used the Joyex Noel tag for this white package. Of course stamped it with my PSA essentials Snowflake stamp.

Now if you are going to go to all that trouble to make such a beautiful package then the inside contents must be just as beautiful! Here are a few things I made to put in the boxes.

Honeycomb brittle.


Of course my red Velvet Whoopie Pies.

Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

You would even say it glows!

I have some really happy cool news to share with all of you. I am now a (most excited) DT member over at A Million Memories!

I get to start with the January kit...OMG it is freaking AWESOME! Little sneaky peek for ya.

Seriously need to sign up for this kit. Just in case you love it as much as me go here.

Last but not least Michelle is doint a giveaway! Go here to win this!

We started our Christmas baking. We made sugar cookies and red velvet whoopie pies. I realized I have noooo cookie cutters! I had a bunch but they some how have vanished. Will someday be investing in those.

I used this recipe for the sugar cookies.

This recipe for the Whoopie pies.

What baking are you doing this year?


Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh what joy and what suprise

Sandy requested I do a video on the trees so look for that soon. My daughters birthday party was on saturday so I have not done much in crafting. Actually I have done a big fat NOTHING. I am hoping this week I will be more productive. It is not for lack of wanting to do some crafting but I guess I am lacking the get up and go.

Had my radiology final. Thought it was gonna be pretty easy but ended up being pretty hard. Got a B, not bad. I only have 3 more MODS left! I am excited and scared. PRO: I like only being gone for 4 hours a day. CON: don't like being broke! LOL!

I found this cool free app for my Iphone called INSTAGRAM. It is kind of like facebook in pictures. I really like it. Here are a few of those photos I have taken.

I have more Christmas decor to share. The living room is sorta messy. I did realize I have yet to take a pic of my living room as a whole but that is because I cant really arrange it like I want. I will do that soon.

I have some ornaments I will be (hopefully) making this weekend and sharing those how to's with you too.

Made some Blueberry muffins last weekend. They were so yummy. I cheated they were just a box but were still delish! hehehe!

Last but not least I have some flea market finds to share. I was very lucky a few weekends ago. I found some beautiful vintage Christmas decorations for hecka cheap. Talking pennies.

I got these for a hole .25 each! My heart fluttered when I found them. The pink one is my favorite.

I also picked up this enamelware roaster for 5 bucks!

I really needed a good roaster and this one does the trick. Love it.

I scored more but will share them soon. Now I am off to catch up on deadlines and what not. Happy holidays everyone!


Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm telling you why....

Santa is coming to town & fast! I have been working hard (not really) on my Christmas decor. I just am not really happy with it. Boo. Oh well I am done smooshing and moving and taking down and making. It will just have to be. I found some BEAUTIFULLY amazing blogs lately with so much inspiration. When I grow up I wanna have beautiful homes like them!

Anyway back to the point. On one of these said blogs there was a link to a mantel Christmas party. How fun is that?!? I am joining in on the party. There are so beautiful ones up and if you need some Christmas shove to get your butt in gear then go check them out.

Here is my Christmas mantel.

I was really inspired by elf. I love how elegant he decorated the store and it was using a lot of paper and other stuff. I had to make my own version of that. Plus as you all know I have to do this on the cheap.

Tinsel wreath I made. 3.50 to make. I love it.

I have yet to see a wreath with a banner. So I would like to think it was my idea and mine alone.

I made this little paper house.

I cut out little snow man and put them inside so when u look thru the windows you see them peaking out. When I was a kid I loved little things like this.

Mercury glass ornament balls and tea light holders.

I got a whole box of them (ornaments) for .50 at the flea market last weekend! SCORE!

Vintage Christmas card I printed off the Internet. One really huge ornament I picked up a long while ago. Not sure where or when but I know I have had it a while. The little snowflake was also a flea market find. Vintage tin ornament .10 ♥.

Another vintage Christmas card I printed off the Internet. Little vintage mercury glass bird that I adore.

I made the Christmas trees at the top of the candle holders. Martha has a tutorial on how to do it but it is very confusing. If you want to know how to make them leave me a comment and I will do a video tutorial. I love how they turned out. I think they need glitter tho. Another pic from the internet and another tin ornament from the flea market.

Last but not least my sweet little vintage deer. I don't know where he came from. I love him tho. I thought he would be cute a top this pine cone.

Thank you so much for visiting my mantel. I have more Christmas decor to come and some Christmas ornament ideas. Make sure to check back often!