Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's in the singing of a street corner choir

One more sleeps till Christmas eve! Oh my. I do have 11 days off of school and I have OH so much to do.

To DO List

  1. Bake more cookies, fudge
  2. Cook Cheese potatoes
  3. Prepare turkey
  4. Paint nails :)
  5. Flea Market
  6. Go through garage boxes
  7. Clean girl cave
  8. Downsize/organize
  9. Clean house
  10. Play with new Christmas pressies :)
  11. CRAFT

    I have been feeling so springy lately. Spring is my most fav time of year. I love spring. Planting flowers, the muted colors, the weather. It always makes me feel happy when spring rolls around. I cant wait to take down my Christmas stuff and prepare for spring. On that note here are a few more Christmas shots of my house.

I managed to make ONE Christmas ornament. I swear I am going to do like a 12 days of Christmas ornaments on this blog someday...Think I will have to set that up through out the year...Yeah that's the ticket! HEHE! Anyway the one I did manage to make I love!

I made these for my teachers. I love them. They are super easy to make.

I was a little worried my teachers wouldn't love them as much as I do. I think they liked them almost as much.

Don't forget to stop by the AMM boards. I chat everyday over there. She has giveaways and new products. I love her store she has the best little vintage trims. Hope to see you all there!

*Sandy never did get around to making a video for you BUT I did find one. Go here for the Martha Paper Christmas tree how to! :)

(* btw the red velvet whoopie pies recipe is 2 posts below. Just filled them with cream cheese frosting. Very rich.)

Happy Holidays!!


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Michelle said...

Love the decor and the ornaments you made for your teachers. Super fun!