Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh what joy and what suprise

Sandy requested I do a video on the trees so look for that soon. My daughters birthday party was on saturday so I have not done much in crafting. Actually I have done a big fat NOTHING. I am hoping this week I will be more productive. It is not for lack of wanting to do some crafting but I guess I am lacking the get up and go.

Had my radiology final. Thought it was gonna be pretty easy but ended up being pretty hard. Got a B, not bad. I only have 3 more MODS left! I am excited and scared. PRO: I like only being gone for 4 hours a day. CON: don't like being broke! LOL!

I found this cool free app for my Iphone called INSTAGRAM. It is kind of like facebook in pictures. I really like it. Here are a few of those photos I have taken.

I have more Christmas decor to share. The living room is sorta messy. I did realize I have yet to take a pic of my living room as a whole but that is because I cant really arrange it like I want. I will do that soon.

I have some ornaments I will be (hopefully) making this weekend and sharing those how to's with you too.

Made some Blueberry muffins last weekend. They were so yummy. I cheated they were just a box but were still delish! hehehe!

Last but not least I have some flea market finds to share. I was very lucky a few weekends ago. I found some beautiful vintage Christmas decorations for hecka cheap. Talking pennies.

I got these for a hole .25 each! My heart fluttered when I found them. The pink one is my favorite.

I also picked up this enamelware roaster for 5 bucks!

I really needed a good roaster and this one does the trick. Love it.

I scored more but will share them soon. Now I am off to catch up on deadlines and what not. Happy holidays everyone!



Diane B. said...

Mmmm! I swear I could eat that blueberry muffin right off of my computer monitor! Congrats on your tests so far. Keep it up, girl!

kim c said...

Congrats on the "B". Sounds good to me. and that pink ornament is gorgeous. what a treasure. merry, merry.

Marie-Eve said...

Great pics ! Love the holiday banner !