Tuesday, September 8, 2009

With a thousand lies and a good disguise

How was your Labor day weekend? Mine seemed to be filled with stuff and it went by fast.

Do any of you watch big brother? Oh man that show is nuts. I never did use to watch it until his aunt came to live with us. Now I am hooked. I really wanted Jeff to win but since he is out I am not sure who I want to win. Right now I am watching the p.o.v. comp. Oh man and so many good shows are coming up. Can't wait for survivor.

As I stated in the last post this is one of my fav times of year. So many horror movies to watch so little time. I have about 4 recorded on the DVR and a few dvds to watch. Tmw I am going to see 9.

Can't wait for that. Looks really cool and my fav director produced it (Tim Burton) so if he is backing it, it must be good right?

Been trying to create every day again. Although it hasnt been every day it has been close. I am currently working on a date book for my hubby and I to keep track of all our wonderful time together. That will be coming soon. In the mean time I created this page.

I sprayed the ghost bird with glimmer mist so it could show up better. Love it.

And this planner.

Check this out. This squash came out of my garden. It is huge! I had to have my son lay next to it so you can see how big it actually is.

In other gardening news I have 3 pumpkins on my vine. I can't wait till Halloween. Only 52 more days till Halloween! Yay!

Cropin Friday. Should be loads of fun. If you are out this way come out and see me!



TheresaK said...

I love Tim Burton movies too!! my husband thinks I am nuts. I made Reese a fairy door for the tooth fairy and she loves it cuz it reminds her of Coraline's door. Her tooth fell out sooner than expected so the door has yet to be painted and drilled to the wall. It even opens up!!

Holly said...

Oooooh! I'm so excited for 9! But, let's face it... with the hubs deployed again, and a 2 year old that still isn't quite ready for the movies... I probably won't be seeing it in the theatres. So, let me know what you think of it. Love your pages! And, that squash... WOW! It's huge!

Crystal said...

wooohooo cousin I cant wait for the crop.

WOWWWIE thats one big ol squash.

dani said...

Oh I'm dying to see 9! looks fantastic.

Melissa Mann said...

whoa!! 2 blog posts in a week!!!

Cute layout and planner!

Sweet Marie said...

Stunning layout girl !!!!

Marit said...

So that's called a squash??? I know the "thing" but never saw such a big one! Glad you're creating Marie!!!

Michelle said...

Sounds like you have a lot of movies to look forward to. Love that squash picture and I'm thrilled to see you creating almost every day!

Anonymous said...

That's one big zuchini!!!And pumpkins-agh! You're killing me, we couldn't have garden this year, living on the 16th floor of an apartment and all....