Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Let your words live on far beyond this life

Today I have a little Valentine DIY to share. I have been pinning my little heart out over at Pinterest and found a sweater with heart elbow patches. I also had been to the thrift store and remembered seeing a sweater that would be perfect for some heart elbow patches.

I decided this MUST be something I do. It couldn't be to hard right? Right.

First you need your sweater. Of course it could be any color any type any size. Mine was brand new from target but I only paid 4.00. Yes I am lucky to have a thrift store located right next to our target so they get ALL their clearance stuff and sell it dirt cheap.

Supplies you will need.
Red floss or bakers twine would be cute.
Red felt

My 4.00 sweater and the red felt.

You need to figure out how big you want your hearts to be. I made mine to fit from seam to seam on the sweater. I also free handed my heart but you can find many heart templates on google.

You want to try on your sweater and pin the hearts where your elbows are. I was being lazy and didn't try it on. {My hearts are a little low but you are going to do it the right way...Don't be lazy like me lol!}

Now it is time to begin. Knot your thread and com up inside your sleeve.

Half way through I figured out how to sew it without coming in and out the sleeve. This way is much much easier. :)

Finish it off by knotting it underneath.

Viola! The perfect Valentines outfit or gift!

I also have a valentines day card tutorial over at AMM.
You can make that card if you go check it out. :)

I made this recipe for dinner. Yes it is a appetizer but it worked just as good for a main course. Throw a little green beans on the side and a roll and call it good. The whole family LOVED them. Simple to make. I highly recommend them.

Lastly I spent Superbowl Sunday with my crafty buddies Ginger and Diane. Had a great time.

{pressies the girls gave me.}

We laughed and did a little creating (pic of page FINISHED to come soon). Love those girls. I need to start having a girls day at least once a month. Who is with me?



Diane B. said...

love what you did with that sweater! i've been practicing my crocheting and after 4 failed attempts (LOL) I finally have my first cute little crocheted flower! yay! i'll post it up on my blog soon. as far as girl's night out once a month: i'm in!

Julie Ann Rachelle Interior Design said...

Lots of cool things today! Love the sweater patches!!!!

Ok. how did you get your blog posts in cursive writing???? Please share your secret with me!