Sunday, January 30, 2011

Easy come easy go thats just how you live

This weekend went way to fast. I got a little bit done but really not that much. The main thing is I got my w-2s and was able to file my taxes. I must say I am VERY VERY happy with the results. I will be able to catch up on bills, buy the kids new clothes, save some for Christmas, get new tires, tags on my vehicles (because they are going to be due soon) and maybe just maybe save for a Disneyland trip next year. I am really excited to be able to do just the first few things! I must say it made me feel way better about this year.

I have only 2 more MODS left of school. I am half way through my 2nd to the last. It is a little scary. I know that it will be a good thing.

I managed to make a few valentines goodies for my swap partner. All of which I have not finished! I have many many ideas. I made this plushie deer. Should I include it in her package? I think I may.

Her name is Lucille.

I named her after this lady.
My idol.

She is perfectly imperfect.

Like me

And I think I am going to make these sometime soon.
Don't they look so yummy.

Forgot to mention Hubby and I want to run away together for Valentines Day. I think we are just gonna stay in town but rent a hotel so we can be alone. It is nice to get away. I cant wait. What is your plans for Valentines day?



Diane B. said...

That little deer is so cute! How in the heck did you do that? Mine would come out looking like an alien. LOL
No special plans here for Valentine's Day. My hubby has no skills in the romance dept. :-P

TheresaK said...

WOW!! i love Lucille!! so pretty!!

Fauve Design said...

Ow she is perfect!!!Loving Lucille...And running away for V-day sounds like a fab plan!!!!No plans here...jet!

dani said...

awwww, Lucille is lovely!

Those potatoes look amazing - I think I'm going to try making them today. yum yum.

Unknown said...

omg, that deer is sooo flippin cute!!