Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lady lights a cigarette, puffs away, no regret

I managed to get 3 yes 3 layouts done with the Jan AMM kit. The first I used the sketch on the blog.

Raven, Me, and Aria on the swing set at the park. Swings really do give you wings. :)

This one is my favorite. I dont know why it is so simple and not much to it but I love the colors and that tag.

Lastly is the one of our New Years. I love this pic of my husband and I. Taken with my iPhone and edited in my fav app (instagram). Isn't the kit fab?!?

Don't forget about the Valentines day swap I have going on. So far here are the players.

Julie Ann

If you would like to trade handmade valentines then leave me a comment stating that below. I will give you till Sunday and then pair everyone up. You only have to make ONE!

I wrote a crafty to-do list for the month. Just so I wouldn't forget all the lovelies I WANT to make.

Felt heart garland
Vday paper garland
chalkboard tags
flowers with pompoms
handmade valentines (duh)
felt deers
conversation heart jars
more hair bows
owl gift bags
felt owls and robots
pocket notebook
felt mushiestash
Doily garland
yarn headbands
yarn wreath
tiny tassels
and something to do with a unicorn :)

Yeah maybe this is a 2 or 3 month list! LOL! Some of the stuff on there is for my 5 people that I have to send handmade stuff to.

Lastly dont forget.

Jump on board!



Paula-Scrap Addict said...

I love the stacked white circle "flower" on the last lo! I may give that a try & see how it looks

kim c said...

That's some list. Good luck! I'm intrigued by the conversation heart jars and I hope you get to the doily garland. Sounds cool.

Have a good one, Marie.

bethchien said...


Diane B. said...

I'd love to do the Valentine's Day swap but I'm in the midst of packing up my scrap room and moving it so I'm not sure when I'll be able to scrap/craft again until I'm settled into my new space and then will have to FIND everything! LOL

Tara Anderson said...

count me in! I love little Valentines!

The Scrappy Cottage said...

Your blog is so beautiful. I am so glad for the blog post on I have found so many wonderful blogs to follow. I hope you have a great weekend. and will be looking forward to your next post.....

Micayla said...

Oh my gosh, your to do list is huge.....glad mine is smaller. I have not popped by for a while and so glad I did, inspo overload!! Those layouts are soooo yummy Marie.

Marit said...

I haven't been here in a long time, but you still rock lady! Keep on rockin'

danielle said...

Fun pictures!!! Next time I want to do a Valentine swap!

Isabella Kiss said...

you are quite the scrapbooker! i used to be really into it a couple years ago. now i have so many supplies left, but not the time to do it. :(