Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When I try to understand she just opens up her hands

I had a very busy weekend. Hubby's Bday party was sat. I made the tacos I mentioned below. They were pretty good. I must say they tasted better the day after. Next time I will make them a few days in advance.

(can I just tell you how much I love this man? I mean really isn't he fun? Lucky I be.) I ♥ this picture.

I didn't take pictures of the tacos but I did of the spread.

It was pretty fun. I didn't get many pictures. Have I told you all my camera is just not herself? Yeah she fell and ever since then has been a royal diva! I do however use my iPhone but the pic quality is really bad.

My funny son with a stash.

We had cupcakes and played games. All in all a lovely day.

Went to the flea market on Sunday.Found this lovely milk glass dish.(1.00)

This oh so awesome owl ring (1.00)
I love the Flea Market. They had a vintage record player and a typewriter I wish I could have bought. *sigh*

& One more part of my vday decorations.
I love the red and the blue together.

Oh no fellow blog readers...I have found a new internet obsession. Pinterest. I resisted a bit but the beautiful stuff the girls were posting on FB sucked me in. BEAUTIFUL THINGS! The inspiration is just overflowing over there. The hard part is getting off there so you can use that inspiration.

In my search I found these...

My fav pie in a cupcake?!? I MUST make them.



phinner said...

I love Eddie's version of this song!

cute pix! the hubs is such a good sport!!!

and def. yes on the cupcakes!

: x)

The Scrappy Cottage said...

Looks like a fun birthday party. And have to say milk glass for a 1.00, now that rocks. Now I want a cupcake.....

Micayla said...

Gotta love tacos....delish! The party sounded like a complete success, yay for parties.
Great thrifty finds too Marie, love the owl ring.
Have a great weekend.

Fauve Design said...

huge congrats to the hubbs!The tacos ow my...looks so yummy!!!

And i love the fleamarket finds,wish we had them here already.I have to wait till MARCH!!!

Marie-Eve said...

Love that ring !!!! And the cupcakes, yummy !!!!! Love all the pics too.