Monday, April 16, 2007


So i did these pages this weekend. I wanted to try the corrigated cardboard that a ive seen a few ppl use(mcayla, stacy). I like it. I also used the jenni bowlin kit. Adorable! I had a very uneventful weekend! BLAH! Kinda in a funk. It was rainy and i think that puts me in a bad mood. Plus the kids were running a muck lol! Nothing else much to report. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and got some scrapin done!


Anonymous said...

beautiful work sweety!!As always!! Hope your feeling better soon I got my JB kit to!!Have already started creating!!
xooxox me
(nicole irvin)

Brezomayo Designs said...

so sweet! I love the felt bird~!!

Micayla said...

Love what you have done, those layouts are fabby!! I so what a JB kit!!! I have updated BTW!!!