Friday, September 3, 2010

No regrets just love

Man this poor little blog gets neglected so bad. As do many things in my life. I say I am going to change and try to be better. Yes that lasts for a bit but I always fall back into my old ways. Can you truly teach a old dog new tricks? I would like to think so. I mean so far with school I am doing way better then I did in high school. Not that I didn't have the potential to be a straight A student it was just I was lazy and wanted to be more social then anything.

(made these in class)

Speaking of school I am as I stated above a straight A student. So far. It seems to me to get harder and harder as time progresses. That's ok I just have to look at it as a challenge right? I am hoping to get hired on at the jail when I am done. Yes I said JAIL. The money made there is insane. No joke. That would be so awesome to make that kind of money. My family would be well taken care of and we could finally afford to fix the things that need to be done on this falling down old shack. *sigh*

I started a daily goal over at FB. I think I will make it last 365. HOPE. I start these things but very rarely finish them. I am on day 4. :) You may all join me if you like.

The new prompt is up over at Simply ArTistiC. Here is mine.

I love Alice in Wonderland and I am so enjoying making these sweet cards.

I got my special package in the mail and I am sooo excited to create with it. I have made a few Halloween things but I have so many ideas. I have to lock myself in the girl cave one day this weekend and just knock them out.

There are a few things I really want to do and hopefully I can get to those this weekend too. I have to study for my test on Tuesday and then our final for MOD C is on Thursday! YIKES! BUSY BUSY! I will make time for everything. I must.

3 day weekend and then another one coming up! Woot! Have a wonderful Labor day weekend!



Ginger Dougherty said...

That is fantastic to hear about school and I will keep my fingers crossed on the guys so deserve that job spot. Hey we'll have to hang out over in this neck of the girl space is almost complete. We are headed to Petaluma on the 26th of this month for antiquing again. Please can spend the night here and we head out at O'dark thirty with possibly 2 trucks. Think about it girlie!!!

kim c said...

hey marie, i love your atc. i've got to check that blog out. take care and have a great labor day weekend.

Marit said...

I neglected your little blog a bit too Marie, so don't feel sorry.. we all seem to be extremely busy lately! Your "teeth" look fantastic... way to go girl!!! Enjoy your long weekend and I hope you find some creative time in between studying!

danielle said...

love that atc, wish it was mine!
My ex boyfriend is the dentist in a jail now (I think 2 days a week, the other days in his office). Congrats on being an A student.

dani said...

ack, I love the teeth!

That ATC just rocks, so pretty.