Friday, August 13, 2010

They made a statue of us

Let's slap the bad news bear horse in the rear and get it the F outta here! LOL! I had my first final Tuesday. I was sooo super worried because really didn't know what in the heck to study. I studied it all. That. Was. A LOT. LOL! My brain has a hard time retaining all of it. I mean seriously. The final was 175 questions. YIKES! I thought the best I would do is a b. I surprised myself. I got an A! What!!! I was so freaking excited. I got the highest score in my class. I missed 8 out of 175! *deep breath*

We had Wednesday off and I had to go get my first Hep B shot. OUCH! Not fun. Then after that I didn't feel like doing a darn thing. Not one. I actually sat around and missed going to school. I organized my backpack and did my vocab words for the next MOD. Yeah I am a nerd like that.

Yesterday I started my new MOD and it is gonna be super fun. Mixing all the fun junk we get to mix. Making cast and what not. Fun fun fun! Got a little taste of that yesterday. Mixed some composite and some cement. I really am loving school.

On to some craftiness. I got a totally cool email. I will share with you soon-ish but it made my week. I can't wait to play with this new company. :)

Sunday my lovely friend CP is coming to play and she is bringing Veronica from Shabby Chic tags. Double Woot! I can not wait! I have fun with CP and I know I will have fun with Veronica. She maybe bringing some tags for us to play with too. How cool is that?!?!

I made some things here and there and now I am going to share.

This is my hubs and me. Just a bunch of stuff layered together.

Used the Jenni Bowlin kit for this and it was inspired by Amanda I believe?!?!

This one I made up at SB Territory. Loved that bird. Loved the yellow and I actually like the pic. It all just kinda fell together.

I miss going to the sb store and scrapping with my girls. I really could use some scrap retail therapy. *sigh* Hopefully soon.

Working on the new prompt for ArTistiC. Hopefully some Halloween crafts soon because you all know how much I love me some Halloween craftiness!

Lastly I am wondering who inspires you? Who is that person that gets your creativity going when you are in a slump? Share!



danielle said...

I finished my atc for Artistic and emailed it to Sasha-can't wait to see yours!

Melissa Mann said...

beautiful layouts!

Diane B. said...

hmmm....can't wait to hear about your good news! and speaking of scrapping with friends...what about next saturday? it's sb's crop night and my hubby will actually be off that weekend!

so who inspires me when i'm in a slump? hmmmm. i wouldn't say one person {there are lots!} but i usually peruse my flickr group and my faves for inspiration.

enjoy the weekend and i hope we can get together soon!