Thursday, April 16, 2009

I was sleeping by the wasteside of tmw

How was your Easter? Mine was nice. The kids dyed eggs and had a messy wonderful time.

I may have made one too. *wink*

The kids woke up to a treat from the Easter bunny. We had "dinner" and hid the eggs. I of course was to busy helping the kids find the eggs that I completely forgot about my camera! Grrrr! No hunting pictures here. Bad bad mommy.

I am currently working on my next Mojo page. I really love this challenge...wait don't I say that about all of them? Ah well I do love the challenges. Anyway it goes up the 20TH so I know you will want to play along.

You remember in my last post I said I wanted to do something pretty and vintage and throw in some sewing...Well I kind of did that. I found this pattern on spool. I loved the mobile they made and I had to give it a try. Here is what I made.

I used some vintage fabric I got from my beautiful friend Kerry Lynn. I almost feel bad poking pins into its tail but I do love how she turned out. I have made more birds for different reasons which you will see soon.

The page I couldn't find a title for is now the page I found a tittle for. Thank you OLW. It went perfect with the picture. Some might say "why would u scrap that pic it is messed up" but I just loved the way it looked and then I found that quote that just went so well with the water stains.

My daughter Raven. Something I wanted to tell her. No man is worth her tears. Right now she need not worry about men though lol!

Before I forget my sass pin and magnets were featured on the blog! I was beginning to think they didn't like me over there lol! It's all good.

I have watched many many movies. I really need to try to keep track of them all. Here are some I remember.

Doubt- Not bad.
Splinter- pretty good.
The Grey Man- Strange but worth the watch.
The Ten- Lame.

That's all I can remember. Any lost fans out there? ooh wee, I am loving this season. Of course I am just as confused as ever lol!

I was inspired by the protest that has been going on here (they are having tea parties). No higher taxes. I decided to plan a tea party for my daughters and I for sat. Expect lovely pics from that. They are thrilled, as am I.

I am going to rip out my carpet soon and maybe paint my walls in the living room. This old house needs some beautiful things. a makeover of sorts.
I'll be taking pics so you can tell me what u think.

One more thing. Hubby and my anniversary (been together for 16 years on Sunday) is coming up and he has something planned.Shhh it's a secret... I can't wait.

NSD is coming up what do u have planned? I will be over at pmp. If you're that way I would love to see ya.



bethchien said...

hey sweetie! I do love that is so beautiful, even in its "messed up" way. lol
Lovely fabric that KL sent you.
And for NSD, we are having an online crop over at Vintage Plum..should be fun. It will be my first online crop, though.
Happy Friday!

Sandy said...

oh wow!! what a great post!! your kiddies are lovely, AND omg look at your avatar - you are looking amazing!!! omg - serioulsy! happy anniversary too!! what a great family...(-: xo

Unknown said...

Lovely bird :-)... and amazing LO Marie!!!! Love it!!!
Can't wait to see your page for the new Scrapmojo challenge... yep, it's a fun one, love it!!!

Melissa Mann said...

Sounds like you are keeping busy, my friend!

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

love the vintage birdie-too cute! And looks like you had a blast dying eggs,when we did ours little sis' fingers were blue and pink stained for days since she wouldn't use the egg holder...
happy anniversary!

Marit said...

That quote on the LO (as is the complete LO ofcourse) is just amazing... I will remember that!!! I love this post! So much to look and read! Have a great anniversary today!)

Ginger Dougherty said...

hey girl...
LOST is what i am...did you like last week??? Miles, interesting twist? Just blown away...
hope to see you soon

dani said...

I freakin' love your new blog design!!

adorable Easter pics - looks like you had a good day!

congrats on the sass blog feature - those pins were such a cool idea.

tea party sounds awesome - I used to love stuff like that when I was litte.

TheresaK said...

Love the new blog look!!

I love the message of your layout!! I will have to do that one for both my girls!!!

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!

michelle said...

great photos! and I will tell my boys they better not make any girls cry! I heard doubt was alright too.. maybe i'll rent it. State of Play was pretty cool. And lost rocks as always. Do you think Sawyer and Kate will hook back up??
have a wonderful anniversary lady! 16 years is amazing.

Unknown said...

Hi Chicky!!
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Congrats to you both.
Hugs to you from me:)

Edleen said...

Marie, you're looking good!!! the eggs are pretty, how fun :)

sounds like you've got everything planned for NSD. i'm eager to meet Donna Downey and Tia Bennett who will be in Singapore this weekend :)

have a Fabulous Week!