Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Just grab your sharpie and write your message on the wall

{little felt hearts made by me :}

Omg my Valentines weekend was beautiful! It was a fairytale.This is what I was wearing. Lil black dress and a bow in my hair.

First we went and saw Wolfman. Excellent! We both loved it. We were smart and bought our tickets for the next day showing of Valentines day. We took a few photos at the photo booth there. One of my fav parts of going to the movies. I did say 1 lol!

Then we headed to our hotel room. Beautiful hotel! I was pleasantly surprised. It was only 50.00 a night! I brought my camera and took a few pics. Wish I woulda took pics of the lobby because it was really wicked gorgeous.

We had a wonderful time in the room of course *wink* hehehe! Who wouldn't with this handsome man.

We then went out to eat at Outback. Yummy. I had a coca berry blast and a steak. My husband made the dinner extra special. I cant tell you how wonderful he is. We returned to our hotel room...Exchanged gifts. I gave my hubby his secret book I have been working on for a month or so now. He liked it a lot. I think I will post those pics later on tho.

Hubby surprised me with the necklace I really wanted. Ruby devil heart :)

I really love it. I am soo not a girly girl when it comes to jewelry. This is soo me.

He also got me the sock monkey I had my eye on. Freakin adorable!

Whew this post is getting long. I think I will have to make it 2 posts instead of one! TO BE CONTINUED!

I will leave you with a little tease...I have some TOTALLY wicked awesome news to share with you all soon. I am serious this news is da bomb. Wont be till March! ACK! Can you stand it? LOL! I know you can but I don't think I can!

Tell me about your Vday!



Melissa Mann said...

looks like you guys had a wonderful Valentine's day!!

Marit said...

Drooling over that necklace Marie! WOWZAH!!!

Julie Ann Rachelle Interior Design said...

You are adorable!!! What a great find - he's a keeper. Love the sock monkey, don't you love the commercial on TV with the giant sock monkey?