Monday, November 3, 2008

Teach me how to lie

Where have I been?? I feel like it has been a long time since I blogged. I know it hasn't been THAT long but still. I have been watching scary movies. I need to get them off my DVR. How was your Halloween?

I went to a Halloween crop with my cousin. We played games and they had pizza...That was hard not to eat the whole slice. I just picked the topping off and ate it. I am sure people thought I was a freak lol! Oh well.

Did you see the RVK sneak? Man when Rachel sent that to me I about died! It was that good lol! Take a look for yourself.

Man I know I say this every time but I really cant wait to get my hands on that kit!

Some more horror movies.

Mirrors- Scare~ † Story~ †† Pretty good flick. Best part was when the sister died. Pretty gruesome.

1408- Scare~ †† Story~ ††† I really liked this movie. I know its older but I hadn't seen it. Made me jump once or twice.

The beast within_ Scare~ † Story~ † Ok well uhhh yeah this is hella old school. Kinda cheese.

House of Usher- Scare~ † Story~††† So this is a remake of a older movie and also it is a Edgar Allen Poe story made into a movie. I am a huge Edgar fan.

Subterano- Scare~ † Story~†† Interesting movie but not great.

Wicked Little Things- Scare~ †† Story~ †† Zombie children eek!

Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield- Scare~ † Story~ †† I love movies about the real serial killers. This one was ok. I didn't think the guy who played Ed was a good match. It was kind of a love story more then a story about a deranged serial killer. I always think they should go into why these guys do what they do.

Well that is all for me. I gotta go work on my Mojo project and clean my desk and get ready for that fab kit from RVK. Woot!


Stacey said...

oh you are so brave! I can't watch scary movies...they take my sleep away from me...and my kids already do enough of that! lol

Crystal said...

OOOH cousin Ive been wondering when you would post agian. I posted some piccys on my blog. I also orderd that kit OMG I cant wait to ge it.

Anonymous said...

I am sure you will kick scrapping butt w/ that kit, can't wait to see all your fabulous stuff.. mirrors was crazy! and I really like 1408.. and anything w/ ghosty/zombie kids freaks me out.

bethchien said...

It has been too long, Marie, too long!! hahaha jk!
Did you have a good Halloween? Have a lot of trick or treaters?

Can't wait to see what you do with the new RVKC kit.

Kristi said...

I still just eat pizza tops! It's the best part anyway, ha!

Lizee said...

the cheese and topping is the best part of the pizza!!! :)

looking forward to your rvk nov work:)

Unknown said...

i looove your horror movie reviews, you rock! ive seen mirrors and 1408, would have to agree with you! the part in mirrors when his sister died was one of the sickest things i have ever seen, seriously! lol. i totally forgot about it until you said something, oh man. now i cant get the image out of my head! The rva kit looks awesome, cant wait to see the whole thing!