Monday, March 3, 2008

Well it wouldve been couldve been...

The new Mojo Girls are up and posted! YIPEE! They are all fab and am so happy to work with them!!! I love them all. They are oh so talented and wonderful! Love ya girls!

Oh my did u watch lost?? WOW! I loved it!!! I truly loved it! Vee said she thinks Michael is the spy on the boat...I think she is right! I never thought of that but that sounds like a great guess!!

I haven't done much scrappin lately...Been in a slump kinda. I did a few pages and our mojo challenge coming up...Will post that in a few days.

My scrapbook adventure journal..

The rest of the pages you can see on my Flickr if you'd like.

This page of my son Aeden inspired by Joann Te Raa who is sooo awesome and lovely and sweet! Love her and her work!

I got my scrapperie kit and OH MY GOODNESS it was beautiful!!!! I just kept looking at it and looking at it. Love it! I know i say that a lot but seriously this kit is gorgeous! Love the book that Sandi made! Yes MADE! She inspired me to make a new fabric book so look out for that. I'll have a ton to share from this kit. I think most of it is going to be stuff I make my mom for mothers day...I usually am a super slacker when it comes to making her pressies so I thought why not start early! They are also doing a jam packed march madness cool thing there...So stop by there is raks to be had and challenges to be done!

Other good news Ronnie has had some wonderful stuff happen that we have been waiting for but I don't know if he wants me to blab all over the Internet so ill just say THANK YOU JESUS! He is going today to take his entrance exam and hopefully be on his way to start a new career. I really admire him because I know how hard it is to do something so new and scary. This is man is soo smart and like I've said many times he can do WHATEVER he wants to do. I truly believe that.

My bday is coming up in a week or so (sigh). I will no longer be able to say I am only 30...Nope I will be DUN DUN DUN....31! eek!!!! Blah! I hate it! I'm hoping to get a screen printing kit so hubs and I can start our own "paper line" so to speak. We will see. I also want a new camera and a new laptop lol! I know high hopes.

That's all for now! Hope your weekend was fab and the start of the week is going wonderfully!


Unknown said...

Oh I loooooove the page of Aeden!! Just gorgeous!!!
Love your album too, what an exciting album that would be to read, hold and touch!!! LOVE IT!!!

Lizee said...

u rock the shabby chic
so gorgeous!

Micayla said...

OOOh so much going on.
Marie, that journal is to die for. I totally love it.
Loving all the new mojo girlies, sooo much talent on one challenge site, yay!!!
Great news about Ronnie, let the fab stuff keep rolling for you and your family. You totally deserve it.
Paper heart be still!!!
Love to ya xxxx

Holly said...

Happy early birthday girlie! I love what you did with your journal kit from RVA. Very cute! Sounds like you have some fun ideas for birthday gifts...can't wait to see what you get! :0)

Fauve Design said...

YAY so happy to be a MOJO girl!That journal is so awesome and the layout too!You rock the shabby chic look girlfiend!

Lindsay said...

I love that journal, Marie! I love that you used Chenille...I'm so in love with vintage chenille lately...I bought some on Etsy, but of course, my sewing machine is still in the box, so I haven't used it...but this really inspires me to use it! haha

And ooh...Lost! It's good this season...last season was starting to get a little "eh". And that's a good thought about Michael. Hadn't thought of that!

Anonymous said...

Your journal and layout are so GREAT, as ALWAYS!!


Ginajam said...

Oh girl...your journal is so yummy. I just want to touch it and hold it!!

WOnderful news about your hubbs. Keep the faith and good things will happen.'re having a birthday. Happy early Birthday! It's all good - remember that!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog!!!!!!!!

I want that journal lady!!!!!!! :))) should so sell those xxxx

Michelle said...

Totally cool album. Looks very Kerry Lynn inspired. :) Congrats on the good news and happy almost birthday!

Edleen said...

Gorgeous album!!! love your layout too :)

31...still Young, Hip and Cool!!! :D

have a Great Weekend!

aja said...

another FABULOUS fabric book!
still waiting to see some of those pop up on etsy...