Sunday, May 18, 2008

Doesnt take much to rip us into pieces

My goodness! I have some fun stuff to share. On tues went and checked the sis catwalk and found my layout had been chosen by Adrienne. So totally cool. Then I look again and I see another and another and another! I made the catwalk 4 times in one week! WHAT?!? How freakin awesome is that? I couldn't believe it! I almost passed out. Every time I start feeling blah about my work something like this picks me right back up! I am so grateful for the scrapbooking online communities!

A few days ago hubby and I went shopping and guess what? I got my camera!!! YAY! Its the Rebel xsi EOS 450d. Its beautiful! I love it soo much. I have been reading the book and man the things this camera can do!

We also bought a laptop so i can be on the computer when he is on the PC and he can also take it to school and do his I T work on it. Yay!

Then I got the Scrap For A Cure kit for next month in the mail! YUMO! Ive already started 4 pages with it. Its really fab!Here is a sneak of some of the layouts...

This is one of my fav kits the stuff in it is just beautiful! Seriously you wont wanna miss it.

THEN I went over to the Red Velvet Kit Blog and found this beautiful sneak! Cant wait to get my hands on this and play! Such fun summer colors. Rachel always does a fab job putting these together.

There will be some kits up in the etsy but I suggest you secure a sub and not have to worry about trying to grab one early in the am. I assure you they wont disappoint!

Last but not least my Mojo sneak. Goes up on the 20th!

It was super fun! I hope to see you all playing along with us! Our Guest is wicked wonderful!



Fauve Design said...

yay congrats AGAIN girl!so cool :)

dani said...

soooo cool about the catwalk - when I saw that I was just like, holy sh*t!!! Four times! That's freakin' awesome!!

love all the sneaks!

Anonymous said...

woo hoo! that is so awesome! you go girl!
congrats on the camera, it looks pretty amazing.

Micayla said...

Yay for the catwalk, I checked it and was like oh there is Marie, again, again, again oh and again! WOO HOO!
Sneaks look fabby!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on being on the catwalk 4 times!! That's so AWESOME! And well deserved as you are so very talented!!!


Ginajam said...

Dang girl...that is really great! You are so loved! Your work deserves to be on the catwalk every week!! Don't stop what you're doing.

TheresaK said...

Congrats!!!! You know you ROCK!!!! I LOVE all of your layouts!! And I can't wait for that kit, looks awesome!!

Sandy said...

holy s*&t! four times! that's awesome, but you deserve it, your layouts are really spectacular. congrats on the camera - i'm soooo jealous! (-:

Edleen said...

Congrats Marie!!! your work rockS!

Michelle said...

Dude..way to rock the Catwalk!! That's gotta be a record or something...=) You rock!! Lovely sneaks, too...and have fun with the new camera!!