Sunday, September 28, 2008

You really got a hold on me.

I have been meaning to blog for the past few days but I just didn't have any work to share. I always like to throw in a page here and there. Oh and it was a insane week. I swear do you ever feel you can live a lifetime in a matter of hours? Days? That is how I felt this week. Not a good week. I just have to hold on to the hope that it gets better and not worse.

On a happy note I did end up going down to Oakdale on Fri to crop with my cousin. We were gonna go to Suzy's in Fremont but somehow we decided gas and my car leaking wasn't a good idea to drive that far. We had a good time. I do miss the girls up there but I'll catch them next time hopefully. My cousin and I laughed our asses off and the owner was a sweetie. There was one older woman there that got 15 pages done! WTF?!? We called her the Paginator (like terminator)! Usually at crops I get maybe one page done sometimes not even finished. Fri I got 3, yes 3, pages done! WOW! I was really feeling blah about my work lately. UGH! But these came out ok. I hate feeling stale.

Ohhh circus pics!

My uncle, his mom, and his grandmother. I stole this from cousin. She was gonna scrap it and couldn't find paper she wanted to use. I took it and put it under that frame and it went perfectly! Sorry cousin! But I told her she could have the page after I took my pics. I was at a loss for the title and man you should have heard us making up crap. Seriously we were cracking up but I don't think I should repeat what they were lol! Let's just say her grandmother wasn't a very nice lady mmkay?

Ohhh did u see the sneak for RVK? I just posted it!

It is lovely! Did you all play along with my challenge? Well you should because you could win this Oct kit. (Man I use way to many !!! <-----) Get on it you have 1 (that's right) day.

I have been busy working on stuff for the magazine. I'm finding it hard to create and not share lol! I knew that would be a challenge. I mean I have to wait all the way till feb. They are having a pub call. Girls get on it! I have a talented bunch of online friends and I want you all to submit!

January/February Page Calls
• Layouts & Projects showing or using snow/ice/cold
elements or photos
• Valentine’s Day layouts, cards, and projects
• Layouts and projects using the colors red and pink
• Layouts and projects that highlight New Year’s
parties and resolutions
• Layouts or projects showing unusual use of texture
• Layouts or projects featuring fun and unique ways
to use chipboard
• Circular layouts, and projects using circles and
circular elements
• Layouts with lots of journaling
The deadline for these calls is October 15th, 2008.
Use our online submission tool at - be sure to
read our rules for submission!
Email for submission questions and issues.

If you do submit or subscribe please use me as a referral.
On submissions note it in your supplies, on subscriptions note it in the notes.

Hmmm what else?? Need to clean my desk and put laundry away. Why is laundry never ending? Just when I think I have it under control it triples in size. Ah such is life!

Are you excited Halloween is coming? I am! That means horror movie marathons on all the stations. YESSSSSSS! I am a HUGE horror movie fan in case you didn't know.

Oh played poker with hubs and his cousin last night and I freakin wiped the floor with them. Hehehehe! I was short stacked about 3 hands into the game and somehow came out on top?!? Love Texas hold'em...when I win anyway lol! My hubby usually plows right over me (I think he was being nice). My son wanted to play with daddy so I was the dealer. Shoulda got pics...What was I thinking?

Kids have 2 weeks off and we are gonna go to the pumpkin patch! YAY! They have a corn maze, haunted house, train ride and pumpkins too! haha! I better get some good ass pics dang it. Of course I'll share.

Gosh this is extremely long! I'll end it here. Have a great Sunday!



amytangerine said...

i love your layouts and just learned to play Texas Hold Em and love it.

Diane B. said...

i spy usage of a kenner road kit. lol

sorry you didn't get to suzy's for the crop but glad you got a chance to on friday.

we have to scrap together SOON!

Holly said...

Love those pages! Glad to hear you had such a great time at your crop, and that it was productive. I can't believe anyone could get 15 pages done in one night. I'd be lucky to get that many in a week! LOL! Can't wait to see pictures of your trip to the pumpkin patch. ;0)

Crystal said...

awww cousin I had so much fun! I cant wait to go to the pumpkin patch Its gonna be soooo much fun

TheresaK said...

have fun at the pumpkin patch!!! I LOVE the horror movie marathons too!!!!!! love your new layouts, just beautiful!

Sandy said...

i love those pages - you're never blah to me - that's why you're one of my faves! don't you love a good crop? people must feak out when they see your stuff. (-; the new rv kits is amazing...i'm pretty sure i'm not going to be able to resist...eeek!!

things always, ALWAYS, do get better...(-;


The Sonboul's said...

That first lo is so fun and cheery. I love the stripes with those flowers

soulchild said...

i m in love about your styleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!

Ginger Dougherty said...

Missed you guys at the crop...i hope we can get together soon. Dang 15!!!! Do you go to the patch that is off of the I 5?

Stacey said...

LOVE the pages!!!! Man I NEVER get any pages done at crops!! lol

Ginajam said...

Your pages are amazing, as usual! The new RVK looks great, too. WAy to go on the poker game. I LOVE POKER! Haven't played in a long time, but used to be hooked on it. HAve a great week!!

bethchien said...

I am totally digging the new pages. I love the "When you were young" page and that beautiful vintage-looking frame! mmkay? love it! ha
And the Paginator! THat is too funny.
Have a good week!

Unknown said...

I tired, a couple of times, to sign up to Scrapnart bit it doesn't like me :(
Love your pages!!!
Happy pumpkin pickin' :)

Michelle said...

Oooh..lovely pages, girl! :) he at the page-inator, too! there's alwasy people like that, and then I feel silly for gtting, like..half of 2 pages done in 6 hours. Hah! Hope all is well!

Unknown said...

i know what you mean about being busy! Im glad to hear you had a good time at the crop, i love your new pages! The rva kit looks awesome!

TracyP said...

Marie your LO's ALWAYS ROCK!! I cannot imagine you ever being stale:) Love the new RVK!!!!

Edleen said...

Beautiful layouts Marie!

hope you'll have a fun weekend :)

Melissa Mann said...

Love the new pages, Marie!

Sweet Marie said...

Wow these LO's are amazing. The one with a black&white background is pure perfection.

By the way, starting today my blog is in english too so you're gonna know what I'm chatting about when you visit me haha !

Michelle said...

Love these pages. Sorry you couldn't make it to Suzy's. I love her store!