Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I dont wish you hurt

I feel sad...Just sad. Have you ever had one of those weeks? Those months? Those years? Well I've been having one of those for awhile now and I just want it to stop.
Jane let me off this crazy thing! Something wonderful will happen then 10 terrible things. I mean is there no balance? Ugh sometimes I feel like Eeyore! Glum gloomy doom! How can I not...

This song sums up my feelings right now.

by smashing pumpkins

hug me, hug me again
hug me, hug me again
when will it start to sway
when will it start to
almost break you

hug me, hug me again
hug me, hug me again

i'll miss you
i don't wish you hurt
i forgive you
i don't wish you away,
away, away

it'll almost break you
almost take you
almost break you
almost break you up

Anyway the new Mojo is up. My page I threw together real quick like. I made it with the RVK I just got on sat.

That is me at about 4. My mom made that Halloween costume. She made a lot of my costumes. Most kids probably woulda hated that but not me...It is a memory that i hold near to my heart. I wish I had every one of those costumes. Although the face paint is a little weird! Who ever seen a red faced clown? lmao!

I made a Halloween banner last night with the kit and another page. I should be done with everything by tmw. Theresa has her stuff done and Jen. I posted both their works. Lovely lovely stuff.

Going to the pumpkin patch on fri with the kids and Crystal (cousin) and her gang. Haunted house and corn maze here we come! I hope it isn't to hot. BLAH! Ginger yes the one off I-5. :)



bethchien said...

My mom made my costumes, too. We were just talking about that the other day. She made this one that was a full body suit (I was a panda bear). And I mean a huge head piece and everything. I had to wear it for like 3 years in a row! I remember in 5th grade, she finally let me pick out a different costume from Walmart...a tapdancer! haha

But, can she find a pic of either one? Well, of course not!! lol

I am def having one of those weeks, but I know mine is related to Aunt Flo visiting me. :P

Have a good weekend!

Holly said...

Big, big hugs, Marie! I know how you feel. This year has been one of the worst. I'm so ready for this ride to be over...I wanna' get off!

Stacey said...

WOW I love that LO!! I hope that you feel better soon!!!

Ginger Dougherty said...

Hah!! i thought about going there too yesterday. We were coming down the I-5 from Collins Lake and i thought that would be fun for the boy..but i was a little tired from 3 days of camping.

Ginajam said...

I hope things turn around for you and get better!! You always seem so positive and least you can hide it well!! Lovin your layout and looking forward to some awesome pics at the pumpkin patch. Have a great weekend!!

Anonymous said...

maybe I need to throw my layouts together real quick if they'd come out this wonderful. I love it! I know how you feel. I used to get depressed all the time. For me, it always stemmed from being stuck in a job that I hated that I felt I had to stick with. And feeling trapped. I hope you feel better soon.


Crystal said...

awww Cousin as always your pages rock LOVE that page of you as a clown.

I had a total blast at the pumpkin patch it was awesome :)

the pretty committee said...

very cool layout and awesome song lyrics, too!

dani said...

I'm thinking a lot of us are feeling the slump this year -- I'm kind of excited for next year. New president, and maybe if I can get my own head out of my butt some new changes for me?

Yeah, balance is necessary, I hear yeah on that one.

But cheer up! things will get better.
(because I said so, ha!)

Anonymous said...

Hey lady! love your page, you are just the cutest little thing! Sorry you're feeling so down. I hope it's fleeting and you feel better soon..