Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tell your friend Veronica It's time to celebrate Hanukkah

Man does time fly! Especially at Christmas time! OMG it seems like it was just Thanksgiving and Christmas is only like 7 days away! AGH!

I am doing a bit better. It is so not as bad as it was. I still get vertigo but only when I look at things that move and when I walk. Much better then almost every min of the day that is for sure! So I have hope it is on the mend. Thanks for all your kind words and well wishes. They mean a lot to me.

We did manage to get our tree up and decorated...Well my kids did anyway lol! I have pics that I need to edit but you know how that goes.

Before I got sick I started this page at a crop my cousin and I went to. I had it all layed out but didn't glue anything down. So I decided to get it out yesterday and glue it all down. Some old stash stuff on this page.

This is my aunt. I love her very much and am lucky to call her my aunt.

Thanksgiving was nice. I felt like crap but it was nice. I went to see my cousins and aunt and snapped this pic of my little turkey head. My cousins boy Markie. He is such a doll.

We took the kids to see Santa at the bass pro shop that just opened up in Manteca...OMG! That place is freakin huge and insane! I mean the kids were hypnotized by all the cool stuff to look at. They had a station to write a letter to Santa and a red ryder shooting range for the kids and crafts table. All free! It was awesome.

Aeden sending his letter to santa.

Aria writing a letter to santa.

My daughter Raven went to her 2nd dance. She looked so beautiful. My little girl is growing so fast. She makes me feel so old. I'm 31 and she is 13 sheesh!

My hubs took me to so see Nothing like the Holidays..It was cute. I liked it and we also seen 4 Christmases. FUNNY!

I have lost 100 lbs now and am on my 6 month. I'm hoping to lose 20 more this month but I don't think that is gonna happen. Man the holidays are hard. So much good food I cant have.

We had some sad news last night. One of your babies (cats) got hit by a car in front of our house. He wasn't even 1 years old yet. My kids cried so hard. My son Rowan said " Why did he have to die in December this is suppose to be a happy time." I felt so bad. I had just went out and put the lights on and he was loving on me. I picked him up and hugged him and said he was getting so big. He was such a sweet cat. I told my kids he is in heaven keeping grandma Linda's lap warm and telling her how wonderful they all were. SIGH.

Well I think that is pretty much it. I am working on RVK stuff and hope to get it done today or tmw. Hope your holidays are going smoothly!



bethchien said...

Hey girl! I am so glad you're back and feeling better!
The holidays are going ok, I just wish I could buy more presents for everyone. We are having to cut back this year. But, I am sooo ready for my 9 day vacay! lol
I like the vintagy feel of your latest.
That would suck though, being around the holidays and not being able to eat what you want. But, let me tell you..I have been eating what I want, and have been feeling sick to my stomach all week.(work christmas luncheon, cookie day..and the list goes on) I seriously think I made myself sick..that is tacky! ha
Talk at ya soon!

Dina said...

Happy holidays, cutie. Sorry about your baby kitty. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Wish you and your family happy holidays! See you over at Scrapmojo (or here, or there, somewhere on the net) Love, Marit

Michelle said...

So sorry to hear about your kitten. Love all the pictures of your kids writing letters to Santa!

dani said...

haha, love your title.

beautiful layout, I love the colors.

Bass Pro Shop is HUGE in my family, lol. Well, it and Cabelas. I have a family full of fisherman, hunters and outdoor people. I love going there though, the outdoor/lodge decor they've got going is so lovely, especially for Christmas!

Crystal said...

awww cousin Im sorry about kitty. Thats such a hard lesson for kids to learn.
I adore that pic of my monkey man Markie Ill need a copy of it.

I also cant wait to see pics of Raven all dressed up OMG I bet she is looking so pretty. OMG time goes far too fast

Anonymous said...

congrats on your weight loss! that is awesome.. and the holidays are so fun to not go with your bad self. so sorry about your kitty. I couldn't imagine having to comfort my kids if we lost a pet, but i am sure they were comforted that he's up there w/ grammy. have a wonderful holiday marie!

Sandy said... sorry about the kitty )-: i'm glady you're feeling a bit better, it sounds like your kids are taking good care of ya. (-; have a wonderful holiday!!!!! xo

Melissa Mann said...

Congrats on the weight loss!!!! I bet you are looking fab.u.lous!!!

Merry Christmas to all!!

Anonymous said...

Last day of the year, just a quick visit to wish you and your family all the best in this about-to-begin new year!!! Love, Marit

Fauve Design said...

Happy New Year sweets!Up to a better year...

Anonymous said...

I'm soooo sorry to hear about your cat, that's so sad. What a nice way to put it to your kids about him keeping Grandma's lap warm, that's so reassuring.
Can't wait to try to next month's challenge and see what RVK you have planned. I thought RVK was being discontinued?
Happy 2009!