Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oh baby just you shut your mouth.

Back again for another blog installment. I feel like I fell off the face of the Internet world. Let me see...What do I have to share?? Well I posted the new Mojo challenge. Fun fun fun! I am working on mine but had some other things that came up. It is half done. I'll finish it up tonight. The girls did an amazing job. I really truly ♥ those girls. I think I will be holding a Mojo girl call because we had to say goodbye to 2 mojo girls Kristi and Christina. I am really sad to see them go. They are both talented and wonderful girls to work with.

I did finish up one of the pages with my RVK (last months). Here it is.

I also made a hair barrette and a necklace with the kit. I love those cut lil Sassafras creatures. I just glued them on to some thick chipboard cut it out and diamond glazed it. Same with the necklace. Then I colored the back with gold and silver to make it look like it was metal. Not to bad eh?

I wanted to give the necklace a cracked glass/antique feel. Turned out alright.

As I was trying to snap some pics of the barrette in my hair my daughters came to bug. Of course they wanted their pics taken too.

Raven my oldest.

Aria (6) and me.

One of me that I kinda like. Over exposed but kinda cool.

I think that is about it. Hubby goes for his A+ cert tmw wish him luck!



bethchien said...

I love that bird cool!
And Raven is such an awesome, beautiful name!!
Hope you have a good weekend, girl!

Anonymous said...

(by the way, great pics!)

Crystal said...

awesome cousin I love the hair thingy. cuuute stuff

Michelle said...

Sorry to hear about more mojo girls leaving. I can't wait to see your mojo lo. Those hair ties and necklace are so fun!

Melissa Mann said...

Cute pictures!!

Have a good weekend!


Anonymous said...

how cute is that necklace! hope you have been okay...and if you fell of the internet world, i think i fell off the universe. hopefully we all get back on track..

dani said...

I love what you did with that layout. The blues on the black is just so yummy. Will have to keep that color combo in mind.... :)

I never think about doing such cute things like necklaces or barrettes! Geesh. Thank goodness for the blog world to inspire me!

Cute pics - I really like the last one as well!

Good luck to the hubby!

Ginajam said...

CUTE jewelry and hair accessory!! That blurry/overexposed pic of you is awesome...I love those kind of shots better than a lot of crisp perfect ones!

Sandy said...

Good luck hubbby!!!! How cute are the little trinkets you made?! You're so clever...(-: