Friday, May 22, 2009

Do you know your Enemy

Tomorrow I go get my hair done...Yay! My daughter Raven is also getting her hair done. She is very excited. I will do the video blog tmw and post it sometime in the next few days. Even if my hair turns out terrible I will still post it lol!

Working on some pages for pmp right now. I'll be down there the 29th for a crop. If you are in the area come and see me. I may not do much scrappin but I will do a lot of blah blah blah lol!

Here are some more things I have done the past week or so.

Our Tea party album. If you want to see all the finished pages I posted them at sis.

My silly boy Aeden.

Circus pics. I have been trying to use up my stash and those film strips I have had for like 3 years lol! They work.

Watched a few movies.

Anvil- the story of Anvil~ Not bad. I feel really sad for these guys. I am glad that finally something is happening for them they totally deserve it.

Sex and death 101~ Again not bad.

Tale of despereaux~ Very cute!

A few movies that are on TV right now.

Population 436~ I liked it. Not great but totally worth watching.

The Abandoned~ strange.

Little Shop of horrors~ I haven't seen this movie since I was 10. I DVR'ed it for my kids and they loved it! Great movie.

I watched the season finale of lost and survivor...ACK! Ok lost man that was good. I am sooo sad it is ending next year. I knew it was but I had thought maybe just maybe they wouldn't end it. Boo! Survivor...Yay JT! I am glad he won although very sad they didn't take taj to the end. She def didn't need to win but still it would've been nice to keep their word. Coach is a piece of work. WOW! HAHA I can say he made me laugh.

Camping trips are being planned. Kids will be out of school next week and we have only 2 months to do stuff. I hope to have some good times with them this year. I am thinking of doing a talent show in our back yard. I think they kids would get a kick out of it. Thanks Danielle for the idea.

Our garden is coming along nicely.

Our first radishes.

We have some squash.



Figs on our fig tree.

I am so proud of our little garden. I wish it was a bit bigger with more stuff in it lol! Maybe next year.

I am hoping to rip out the carpet sometime soon. Just got to build up some motivation.

My husband is so sweet. He brought me some gladiolas the other day. Just because he loves me. He is a wonderful husband.

Almost all flowers remind me of my grandmother. She gave me my passion for gardening and I love her to bits. That pic is of here way back when.

Well it has been pretty hot here. We did go swimming and we are going over for a memorial day bbq on Monday. I hope you all have a nice cool holiday!



bethchien said...

thank you so much.. i had just gotten all that yummy sass in and then i saw the olw challenge..and i had to do it. haha
i am sooo loving that red you are bringing to your pages. it is so beautiful.
hope you have a great weekend, sweetie!

Anonymous said...

wow! All your pages are awesome!!! We're going to Ringling Bros circus on Monday so I'll have to scraplift that awesome circus layout! And that tea book is so cute! Wish I could see it in person.
Yes, the Talent Shows are so fun! We also have dance parties a few times year, sometimes with themes. Blast the music really loud...
Have a great weekend and I can't wait to hear about your camping trips!

Unknown said...

WOW! Love the mini, love the layouts, love the veggies! Look forward to the vid blog :)

Michelle said...

Summer is such a wonderful time for kids. Sounds like you have loads of fun things planned. Love all your pictures too.

Melissa Mann said...

That looks like a lovely mini about the tea party!
And those flowers are beautiful!!

Have a great week and a great holiday!


Marit said...

I saw the tea party book on SIS, marvelous!! I love the pic of your grandma with the flowers (the name of the flowers in Dutch = "gladiolen" - don't know the English name - and I love them!)

Unknown said...

ohhh... I like that mini album- cute! Where are your new hair pics? Get 'em... I want to see!!

aja said...

i have been so into my garden this year, too.
only, i haven't ventured into the veggie side of things...
right now i'm sticking to flowers!

dani said...

Your garden looks/sounds amazing. I'm trying so hard to keep a little pot of tomatoes alive!!!

Ginajam said...

Your garden looks amazing! Can you come help me with mine?? Hope you are well...

Unknown said...

it sounds like you have been super busy! I cant wait to see your and raven's new hair! :)
your garden looks awesome!
looove that cute mini and your new layouts! :)

Edleen said...

how are you Marie?
dropping in to say Hi :)