Friday, November 16, 2012

These days of dust

Well seems like I took a nice long break from blogging! This time of year is sooooo busy for me. Not only the holidays but I have 3 kids with birthdays. ACK! It makes it super hard. On top of that I have deadlines and working full time. Sheesh! I guess I needed a little vacation. HAHA! Anyway I am back to share lots of goodies.

Scrapjacked is up and here is my take on it. Loved playing with water colors.

I have done lots for Pretty little studios. Here is one. This is of my grandfather. You can find a tutorial on how I made those feathers on their blog!

Lastly this one was just for fun. Love this line by Amy Tangerine.

I leave you with one of my most favorite bands. This song is wonderful.

Oh there is lots more. Come back soon!

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danielle said...

love your pages!!! Hope you had a good holiday!