Sunday, March 24, 2013

I was enchanted to meet you

I have been so blessed with all the sweet friends who have found me on instagram. Really all the likes and beautiful comments make my day. Even though I haven't met most IRL I feel like we would all get along quite nicely if we did. Do you ever have that feeling?

Instagram...Gotta love it. Here is my week in instagram.

And a few more pages I've completed. I am also trying to complete every page I start. So far so good. I tend to start a few pages and then that's it. Start. Never finish.

Here are a 2 I finished.

This page was one I wanted to quit and come back to. I never would have finished it. I keep plugging away till I came up with this. It took me stopping, watching tv, doing other things and coming back. I like what it came out to be. This is me being silly. Had a wonderful time that weekend with my friend. It truly was one fine day. Using my Silhouette a lot! LOVE it. The title is a cut. Also the little chevron tab and gold glitter tag. Adore that darn machine.

I tried my hand at those washi feathers. Really fun to make and the extra wide washi works perfect! See ^^^ Give it a try! My son, daughter and my feet after playing in the sprinkler. I love that they had such a great time seeing me play in the sprinkler with them. I felt like one of the kids for a moment.

Lastly one of my fav pages. I really like this one. It is more simple but love that I scrapped my beautiful friend and her man. It was a double date. We had a lovely time. More cut files. You can find them in the Silhouette store.
Thanks for stopping by!


Maria said...

Beautiful pages!!!! :)

aBlessedChaos said...

Your creative-ness is on fire! Great great LO's.

bethchien said...

beautiful layouts sweetie! I LOVE THAT BLUE FEATHER! is there a tutorial or something on how to make washi feathers?
I agree with you on feeling a connection with online friends. I have been fortunate to meet some of them after a year of "knowing" them. And it was the best weekend ever! lol
I just got the cameo. I love that darn machine too! haha
let me know about washi tape when you get a chance. Happy Easter, love!

Michelle Gautreaux said...

You are amazing!!! love your work!!

Shannon91 said...

So beautiful !!!