Friday, March 7, 2008

Lets shed some tears of joy

Well the new Mojo challenge is up...I think everyone of course should go check it out. I had major fun with this challenge. The month of march is Dr.Seuss month! YIPEE! Here is my take.

OMG did you watch Lost?!?! YUM! Loved it! I totally think Vee is right now. Has to be Michael. No doubt about it. I'm so confused lol! I don't know what the heck they were doing at that chemical plant and what Ben's intentions are. I seem to not think as much as I use to about the hidden things on Lost. Like when it first started hubby and I record it on dvr and we would go thru the whole show and slow it down and look for little clues. But I guess since the whole nbr thing has been kinda on the back burner we don't really do that anymore. I cant wait till next week!

Ok who watches American Idol? Who was sad that Danny left? I knew it was gonna happen because America isn't ready for that much gayness. Sad but true. He had talent and I don't think he shoulda went home yet. I do have to say David A is my fav along with Carly s. I think they are a lot of ppls favs. I see them as the top 2.

I did this for OLW challenge...I had something completely different in my head when I read the word time on the blog. I was going to scrap my friend Alison's Obit. It has been on my desk now for 2 years I come across it and tuck it away here and there...Well this time I don't know where I tucked it away to. Grrr I hate when I do that and believe me I do that a lot. So I decided to type out my feelings about the people I have lost and how I felt that time really doesn't heal all wounds at least not the ones in my heart...Here is that page.

It's not a great page but it does get some feeling out that I have...It reads..

"It seems that at least one of my loved ones is on my mind everyday. Something will make me thing of them. The kids doing something silly and I would think of Linda and how I wished she was there to see it. My key not working every time I go to unlock the door, I cant help but laugh and think of Alison. When I talk to my grandma a pain in my heart reminds me my grandfather is no longer here. Yes I don't cry all day like I use to and I don't feel like my heart is breaking every min of the day but the wounds will never be healed. Not fully anyway. They only grow scabs that I cont to pick at. I miss them all very dearly."

So there it is. I hope your weekend is wonderful! Hug a loved one today because you never know what the future holds!


Melissa Mann said...

Fab layout!

Have a great weekend!


Lesli said...

Beautiful pages - TFS!!! I love how fun the 1st one is! I wish I could do some LO's like that!

Anonymous said...

Your layouts are GREAT! You always use such great details. It all fits together perfectly! You are very talented!


Shelly Brewer said...'s gotta be Micheal on the boat! BTW...I heart Scrapmojo...truly...I was blown away by the LO's this week!

Micayla said...

I love the last layout Marie, so touching!
Love to ya xx

Kristi said...

I was totally sad for Danny! He was adorable, but ya know I don't think he was as talented as the rest. My favorite right now is David Cook, omg that boy is sexy!

Anyway I'm here to tell you you've been tagged! Come check out my blog for the details!

RachelDenbow said...

Love these LO's! As always, they are stunning.

Superbad made me feel the same way and I think I fall under the same category of 'chill' about swearing and bad jokes. It was a little rude but I can at least say I watched it and can laugh at appropriate jokes. ha!

I hope the family gets better in time to enjoy THIS weekend. I think it might rain here, too! Yay!
Nothing like spring rain.

Off to see what you all did on the ScrapMojo blog!

dori.aleman.medina said...

omg... danny was MY favorite! LOL-but i'm sooo over carly... she's annoying. she's a cheater... lol!

love the owls as always! dude... i don't know how you find the time... do you sleep? LOL!

Anonymous said...

Love your lo for mojo! I had so much fun doing mine! Whoever thought up this one is tops in my book! The lo you did for olw I really really like. Is'nt that what scrapping is for? Getting your life down on paper. I dont watch lost but I do American Idol my fav shows are Jerhico and Battlestar galactica.
take care

nikki peterson said...

you're it. i tagged ya!