Monday, March 31, 2008

Says they all know her name...

So today has been busy! Trying to get the kids on insurance and take my daughter to the dr because I believe she has a uti. UGH! I hope i can this fixed soon. My poor little one. Her birthday party was this weekend.Instead of the traditional cake we bought a big cookie cake from Mrs Fields. As for gifts we gave her the handheld leapster for her pressie along with a princess game. SHE is a real life princess no joke. No one could tell her differently. Here she is...

I cant believe she is already 6! AGH the time goes way to fast!

Some cool news...I made a fav over at scrapjacked! That's pretty neat. I didn't win but I lost to a totally awesome chickadee. Melissa. Her layout was beautiful! I knew right when i saw it she was gonna win. I'm so glad she did.

New mojo is going up in 5 days so stay tuned for that one. I have a little scrappyness to share so here we go.

The inside is on my sis gallery. I didn't wanna bog down my blogger with the pics.

This is of my cousin and myself playing dress up. Check out the blue eye shadow! LOL!

Ok my secret is out...My first name is Opal and my middle name is Marie. I haven't went by Marie since the 5th grade when my mom asked what name I wanted to go by. I happily said Marie because I was teased to no end with opal. Of course my family still calls me Opal but everyone else in the world calls me Marie. I don't mind Opal as much now but it just seems weird when ppl call me that who aren't in the little Opal circle lmao! Anyway I did this for my girl Fauve and her awesome inspiration blog. I love the movie and had to participate.

Have you seen the Scrap For a Cure peaks for april!?! YUMMY! I cant wait for this..

I think that will do for now...Only 9 more days till my 1 year bloggerversary! YAY! I am gonna start putting together some cool stuff to rak. Hope you will all join me.


michelle said...

well, happy birthday to your daughter, I hope she feels better. that love mini is so awesome. you rocked it. you have a great style .. love it.

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to Aria! So pretty! And congrats for making scrapjack faves! I love that your name is opal. That explains your yahoo name! Gorgeous work. You are inspiring!

dani j. said...

Congrats on the scrapjacked faves!! I adored that layout you did, the elements and the colors were just ... amazing.

Love the mini mini book! so much fun!

adorable pics of your little girl, she's really rockin' that crown!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter. I hope she gets better soon.
OMG I love your stuff - esp the dress up lo. Love that paper and all the layers~
Excellent inspiration!


Fauve Design said...

wow will you take a look at that princess!She is cute!Huge congrats girl!

Your work is beautiful as always,adore you style so much!Thanks for playin along at the Amelie blog,means the world to me!


Anonymous said...

Congrats with your lovely daughter! I'll hope she will feel better very soon! Her pictures are so adorable! She really is a princess! And as always, your projects are STUNNING!!


Michelle said...

Happy birthday to your princess!! =) Hope she feels better soon! Lovely scrappy-ness, too! =)

Edleen said...

Your 6yr old Princess is so Pretty! she looks so happy, she must have had a joyous Birthday :)


loving your layouts and project!
Awesome and hope you'll have a Great Time in April :)

Ginajam said...

Aria is one beautiful little princess...I have two of them, so I know what it's like!! That cookie cake looks yummo!

I LOVE your name! I've never known anyone with that name :-) Very cool.

All of your work is so dang awesome. I can't get enough of it. Keep em coming!!

Micayla said...

Love the photo's of Aria, she is a cutey!
Loving the eye candy too, that sass lass pp is rocking. So glad I have just recieved some this morning!! Yay!!!

Melissa Mann said...

Lovin' the new layouts, Marie!!

Happy Birthday to Aria!!