Monday, October 20, 2008

I have no space, no room to move around...

and this box is getting smaller, I'm trying to get out. How did I get so far from where i was? when did I decide to lose my way? Who have I become?"...Have you heard that song? New Low by MC Rut..Great song. It is on my playlist if you wanna have a listen. Around one of the last songs.

Well I am feeling a little better. I have been losing weight again. 72 pounds so far. I have been going on walks twice a night. Once with the kids and once when hubs gets home from school. My little one grabbed a big leaf off the ground and was carrying it around. I asked him what he was going to do with it and he said he was going to take it home and jump on it so he could hear it crunch. I thought that was so cute. He did just that too. Once we hit the porch he put it down ever so gently and then jumped up in the air and landed on the leaf. He did that about 10 times till it crunched never more! HAHAHA! Silly boy.

I have almost all my stuff for the magazine done. Did I mention they are looking for talent to publish? Come on girls submit! I haven't seen any of you do it yet. I know I have a talented bunch of online friends so get on it! Make sure to put Marie Ramirez somewhere on there when you do. You have till NOV 1ST.

OHHOHOHOHOH I'm so excited Dina's class started today! YAY! I just gotta go get some gesso so I can do my "Homework". If I had that kind of homework in school I would been a straight A student hehe! Seriously all she is freakin talented beyond words. If you are taking the class let me know! Then we can sit together *wink*.

I posted the new Mojo challenge. I made something kind of weird. It is a diorama and on the sheet music is typed the legend of Bloody Mary. She was a witch that was stealing the little girls youth to make her look young again. They ended up hanging her and she cursed anyone who said her name in a dark mirror. That was one of my childhood legends/ghost stories that I was scared of. I never would say it and even to this day I wont. I don't scare easily believe me but that is some stuff you just don't mess with lol!

I bought those tiny lights at big lots one year. I didn't know what I was going to use them for but I knew it had something to do with scrappin. I also used the maya roads tin for the case. I don't think it is done yet but we will see.

TIP: For the tree I first painted it purple then let it dry. After it was dry I used ordinary white glue painted that on and then immediately painted over that with black. That's what gives it the crackle effect. CHEAP and EASY! Learned that in my crafting days for furniture and picture frames. The reason why it looks white on the trunk is i also used diamond glaze over that and it wasn't dry when I took the pic...

Ok last but not least my scary movie list.Here are the movies I have been watching this October.Based on 0-5 stars.

The cradle- Scare~ story~*
This movie was weird and well weird. If you have nothing else to watch then watch it.

Reeker- Scare~* Story~** 1/2
Now remember it takes a lot to scare me. The story was very interesting. I really liked the end. Worth watching.

Mortuary- Scare~** Story~***
I liked the story. Very different. I would watch it again.

Dark Ride- Scare~* 1/2 Story~**
The end was weird and lame. The rest was ok.

The ROOST- Scare~* Story~*
OK This was pretty lame. Not a big fan of this one. It is about bats...Yeah cgi bats.

Dead Birds- Scare~** Story~***
I really liked this movie. I would watch it again. Very very interesting and creepy. The end was pretty cool. Western setting back in the civil war era.

Wind Chill- Scare~** Story~***
This was a cool concept. In fact I haven't seen it done like this before. Really liked the story.

The Strangers- Scare~*** Story~***
I loved this movie. Something about reality scares the SH*& out of me! The people in this movie were messed up! Mental torture. Seriously a good movie.

Dead One- Scare~1/2 Story~**
This has Wilbur valderama in it. Neat story but it wasn't a strong scary movie for me. Worth watching tho if you like day of the dead stories.

Brutal- Scare~* Story~**
This one was interesting. Little cheese but interesting.

The fog- Scare~** Story~***
Again I loved this movie. It was pretty neat. The end was sooo wrong!

SAW 4- Scare~* Story~**
I like these movies for the gore factor and the genius torture devices. I mean come on you gotta hand it to the creator of these things!

I know I have watched more but I forgot to write the names down. I have a ton on my dvr to watch so there will be more. Oh yes there will be lol!

Share some scary movies with me that you think are worth watching. To me all scary movies are worth watching so share away!

I also watched other movies this weekend. Don't mess with the Zohan...FUNNY! Lake View Terrace- AWESOME! Loved this movie. Iron Man- Ok I'm sure you all have seen it but it was wicked great! I hope they do another one. I have Love Guru waiting, Run Fat Boy Run, forgetting Sarah Marshall, Grace is gone and What happens IN Vegas...Oh did I mention I seen Baby's mama? OMG that was sooo good. Ok enough with the movies lol!

Hope you all are enjoying fall and its fabulous colors!



Christina Carnoy said...

your projects is gorgeous!!!! And don't mess with the zohan is one of the funniest movies I've ever seen in my life!!!

Unknown said...

Now that is sooooo clever!!!

Ginajam said...

oh i love your project with the little lights...too cool! congrats on the continued weight loss! Hope it keeps getting better and better for you.

Kelly said...

OK, coolesr Halloween project EVER! And 72 lbs?!? That is phenomenal!!

Anonymous said...

OMG I went to see Lakeview Terrance with like 10 people and we ALL walked out so mad, LOL .. so I am glad somebody liked it, Iron Man my kids loved .. I am going to check out the Secret Life of Bees and of course my movie that I loved oh so much is coming on base this weekend, and we only have to pay $1.50 LOL Tyler Perry's A Family that Preys, LOVED that movie. I love all his stuff. CONGRATS on the weight loss and the motivation to do it. I am on Weight Watchers and love it girl, I do mines online and it is fabulous.

Have a great day ..


Holly said...

That little Halloween diorama thing-a-ma-jiggy is so cool! I love how you did the lights inside of it! Fabulous job. :0)

Sandy said...

you've lost 72 lbs!!! holy shite!! oh you aren't just my scrap-hero now....(-: i gotta go check out that course - it sounds awesome!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for Dina's class too! Haven't had a chance to do anything since I've been working. Girl, I haven't even heard of half those scary movies, and I LOVE scary movies. Will have to check them out.

jen geigley said...

oooh - I like your list. i've been too chicken to see The Strangers but I just saw a commercial for the unrated version and I'm intrigued. An old favorite of mine is 'Alice Sweet Alice.' Scared the crap out of me when I was little. And 'May.' That movie is just awesome.

Lori W said...

I'm not a scary movie fan, but I AM taking Dina's class...I've got gesso everywhere!!!:)
(lorwilb on SIS)

Ginger Dougherty said...

I just threw away 2 of those maya road tins. Better send johnny out to go dumpster diving...LOL!!! I still want your banner though.

Anytime girl join us for our Berkeley and your cuz are more than welcome. It was a feast for the eyes.

Stacey said...

Your project rocks!!! WTG on all the lost weight!! That is awesome!!! Love the story about your son and the leaf!!

dori.aleman.medina said...

there are no words!
you are amazing!

bethchien said...

Ok, I have been wanting to see The Strangers! So, you thought it was good? I will have to check it out. It is supposed to be based on a true story, so I want to know what all happened.. you know, like with the real people.

I sooo love your Halloween project. It is my fave this time. (ha ha..but, it really is) The lights are wicked cool.

I will read up on this Magazine Submission you are talking about later tonight.

That is funny about your son. They really DO the darndest (sp?) things! OH! And congrats about the weight loss!
Happy Hump Day!

Fauve Design said...

Okay you are just TOO COOL!Didnt even see that on the blog.I already thought it looked amazing,but now...Im shocked!

YAY for loosing weight girl!You go :D

Melissa Mann said...

Congrats on the 72 lbs!!!!


aja said...

wow lady...72 pounds?
that's fantastic!
great job!

Edleen said...

Congrats on your weight loss!!! i need to lose some weight myself :)

love your diorama and wishing you a Fabulous Friday!

Michelle McGee said...

This is really, really cool!

Unknown said...

man you have the BEST taste in movies! ive only seen about half of those scary ones, i had better go rent the other ones i havent seen! hehe. oh, and you HAVE to see the love guru, forgetting sarah marshall, AND what happens in vegas, i loved those so much!
anyways, love the diarama that you made for scrap mojo, and THANKS so much for the crackle paint tip, im SO going to use that idea!! :D

Anonymous said...

This is just to cool! =}
i LOVEEEE this!!!!

Anonymous said...

such stunning projects.

and you live in stockon?! that's not to far from me. what stores out there are worth a visit? :)