Monday, January 19, 2009

My gal is red hot! Your gal aint doodly squat!

I am not starting this year out very good on the ol blog front am I? LOL! It is what it is what can I say. I just seem to be very busy lately. I had a nice little adventure last week. I went with my cousin to take her hubby down to Thermol Ca. A whole 9 hours away from us. It is near Mexico. Man was that a long A$% ride! I mean my butt hurt so bad. Nothing but dessert down there. It was a experience that is for sure. Can you believe dummy me left my camera! AGH!

Well I still have yet to finish the 2 pages I started but I WILL do that today. It was hubby's birthday weekend so no time. We went and seen My Bloody Valentine.

...Yes I loved it! The whole movie was in 3-d and yes it actually made me jump a few times. Besides it had my fav (supernatural) Winchester boy in it Jensen Ackles.

...Ohhh weee is all I will say lol! Can you believe it was sold out! They even had to add another showing at midnight! Crazy!

We also watched Charlie Bartlett last night. Excellent movie!

The new scrap n art is out. Some of my pages are in there. Not happy with a lot of them but oh well! Here are some.

Used the Kenner Road kit for this one. This one was suppose to go with my article but they did not include the page for some reason.

These are to showcase Manufacturers like MLS, GCD and Luxe. We couldn't use much else but the product they provide.

The new Mojo goes up tmw you wont wanna miss it. It is a pretty fun one!



Anonymous said...

I love the "I long for days like that" lo very much!!! Great pic, wonderful paper, gorgeous LO!

bethchien said...

I am diggin the Wonderful layout.
Ok, so check it. You may have seen this before, but it makes me laugh so hard, that I added it to my faves!! (hint: it has to do with the Supernatural boys...mmm mmm I love them both!! )

Later! :D

TheresaK said...

I want to see My Bloody Valentine so bad!!!!!!!!

The only place that has it is like an hour & a half away!!!!

love the layouts....i have not scrapped in like FOREVER...being that you are one of my fav artists....and you have sooo many cool just might spark some creativity inside me...

i can't seem to put forth any effort lately!!!

Hope all is well your way!!

Melissa Mann said...

WOW! That is alot of layouts!

Good to see ya blogging...not like I have any room to

dani said...

ooooohhhh yummy stuff here! love it all, I really adore that wonderful layout - gorgeous!

Ginajam said...

Such gorgeous work...and I'm diggin all of those yummy papers!!

Anonymous said...

wow- all those layouts are pretty rad there...I need to check out those kits!