Monday, May 4, 2009

Close your eyes and it's passed...story of my life

Happy Late NSD and Happy Cinco De Mayo! What did you all do? Any scrappin done? I know that sat was officially nsd but I went to the movies with my hubby that day. Actually I had a fun filled weekend. Friday I took my hubs out and we decided to stop by Fat's bar and grill here in Stockton and he got up and sang me a song...Billy Joel "Just the way you are"...So sweet. Then on sat we went and saw the soloist. I really really wanted to see X men but he hasnt seen any of them and I did want to see the soloist too. He ended up feeling bad and agreed to take me on Sunday to see X men after I got back from NSD. The soloist was very good. I didn't cry like I thought I would but still it was good. Last but not least I got up at 630 am Sunday and packed my junk up for a scrap filled day over at PMP on Sunday.

I should have took more pics but I just was feeling so blah. In fact we named our table the un-motivated because none of us felt like doing much of anything lol! It was so nice to see my girls tho. Kerry Lynn and Nikki are such a breath of fresh air. Love hanging out with them. We laughed, we bitched, we ate...Good times!

There was a game played with some of the girls bra's yeah that's right bra's.I kept mine on thank you very much lol! Wish I woulda thought to grab the camera then tho. To funny.

I did manage to get 2 pages done! WOOT! That is a miracle for me. I don't scrap well at crops. I will share them soon.

I just posted the new Mojo...Here is my take.

I said I would share my projects from PMP and here those are.

My fav out of all the pages. It was so fun to take those pics and I have to laugh at how funny I look. My husband and kids love it and you can bet you will see pics of them wearing these mustaches.

My sister Tiffany.

My daughters Raven and Aria.

Father's day card using the hambly stashes.

Hmm I think that is about all. Oh I have lost 140 lbs! I have about 40 more to go to get to my goal but I will be happy with 35 more lol! I am really gonna step it up for may because my 1 year is in June.

I am off to watch some movies with hubby. Have a wonderful week!



Marit said...

Love all the pics you posted Marie! Always nice to look at all the stuff you show. Hilarious pics with moustache... too funny! Love it!

jen geigley said...

you are just amazing. :)

Unknown said...

Ahahahhh you look great with moustache ;-)!!! Awesome LOs!

Anonymous said...

that moustache one could have been used for cinco de mayo!!! But the lo you made is muy bueno!
That's so funny about the NSD crop and feeling unmotivated, I've done that a few times. O'well, sometimes it'd fun just to hang out...
Congrats on the weight loss-what an awesome accomplishment!

Stephanie said...

Soooo jealous of your 'stache.

Melissa Mann said...

Cute layouts!!! Looks like you have been busy, busy!!!

Have a great week! And Happy Mother's Day!

Michelle said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I really love that mustache lo and your queens lo for PMP. Sorry I missed out on the fun on Sunday. Maybe once things slow down after school I'll be able to come hang out at PMP again.

Ginajam said...

You rock! congrats on the 140 lbs!!