Thursday, May 14, 2009

Oh little sister you and me can rise above

How was your Mother's day? Mine was beautiful. Husband bought me some roses(above) and we picked out some clothes.I found these oh so cute cardigans at target for only 15 each. I had to get them. I didn't take a pic of me wearing it and right now I am in my pj's with no hope of changing lol! This pic will have to do.

Aren't they adorable? They had a grey one but only in a small and xsmall. Yeah so not gonna fit lol!

I have been a scrappin fool lately! I must've found my mojo or something. So glad it is finally back. Wanna see some things I have done?

Tattoo session. This was for the boys day out and they all got fake tattoos. I love those pictures.

My hubby and myself on our anniversary. We went to the movies and they have a photo booth. Love taking pics in those things. Did these 2 at nsd.

My son Aeden came up to me about a week ago and said Look mom I can make a heart with my hands. I had to take a pic and of course scrap it.

Another one of those photo booth pics. The heart was made by Nikki Peterson. On nsd she did a project and cut that heart out. She threw it to me and said here. Loved it so much that I had to come home and use it right away. Thanks Nikki!

My daughter Raven at our tea party.

I started the JM 30 day shred. I am on my 4Th day. Kicks my butt! I am hoping to be more toned and lose some more weight in the days to come. As I have said before my one year (surgery date) is coming up June 6Th and I am no where near where I had hoped to be. I have about 40 pounds to lose to get to my goal. As the months go by the weight gets harder and harder to lose. I am not giving up tho.

I took a trip to the thrift store yesterday. Dropped off some clothes my kids don't wear and found the boys some swim shorts. I think we will be headed to my mom's house this weekend for a swim. I hear it is suppose to be summer weather. Mom if you are reading this uhh we are coming over lol! I found these slippers there. Brand new had the tags on and everything. I was eyeing them at target when they had them but just didn't break down and buy them. I couldn't pass them up at only 4 bucks!

I ♥ slippers.

And look at this cute handmade hair bib. My mom usually cuts the boys hair for me and I thought this was perfect for those times. Only 1.00!

I was so inspired by Jen and her video blog and how vulnerable she let herself be that I decided in the next few weeks I too will be doing a video blog. I am sure I wont sound the way you all think I do because I know I had a voice for Jen and when she spoke it wasn't the voice I had in my head lol! DUH! I go get my hair done the 23rd. I cant wait! I think after I get my hair done is when I will do the video blog. I'll do a before and after.

Well that is about all I have to share for now. I am off to lovely moments like this.

(Hubby teaching Rowan to play guitar)

Have a wonderful day!



Marit said...

Love the cardigans, adore the LO's, the slippers make me smile and the pic of hubby & Rowan is sooo sweet.... Visiting your blog: THAT's a good way to start my day (it's early Fridaymorning)

Unknown said...

Oh it does me good to see you've blogged!!
LOVE your pages, so much to love, love the stories you have captured... glad those stories were made and shared :)
Hugs from me to you!

Ginajam said...

lots of lovely work, girl! those cardigans rock...great buy! can't wait to see the before and after shots.

Yeissen said...

I love all your buttons and flowers used in your layouts!

Lindsay said...

Marie, the layouts are lovely, as always! You have been a scrappin' fool!

The flowers are purrrty and the cardigans and slippers are so cute!!!

Hope you're well!

Melissa Mann said...

All those layouts are gorgeous!!!
Have a wonderful week!

Michelle said...

Loved seeing all your beautiful los. They are very inspiring. And those slippers are so cute!

Crystal said...

OH cousin I love seeing your updates. I was gone out of town all weekend I hope you had a good time swimming

Anonymous said...

You do have your mojo back-those are awesome!
What JM workout are you doing? I can't think of who that might be?? I need to tone up in 2 weeks (ha!) before heading off to Mexico...

pinkcherrymama said...

hey girlie! thanks for stopping by my blog...yours is so cute! ok, so i love the misic, the background (love me some old school tattoo art!) love the love, the pages...i NEED to get scrapping again! the haircutting bib is cool, i do hair, or used to anyway :P oh ya, and to answer your question, i took the link off my blog because ia m working on revamping my etsy shop. i will be re-opening on tuesday, i hope! i am putting together scrapbooking kits- you have to check them out and give me some constructive critisism. have a great night!

dani said...

I almost bought one of those cardigans the other day!!

Love love love all these awesome layouts. So gorgeous.