Thursday, October 15, 2009

I have no wallet, I keep my cards together with a blue rubberband.

I guess yesterday the craft bug finally crawled up my butt because I have been creating and haven't stopped. I made a TON of Halloween stuff. I will share those soon. I wanted to make sure I got this one posted on time for once. I have played the last 3 times and each time I forget to post my creation. Boy I made this one just by the hair of my chiny chin chin.

Used the new sass for this. Man is that the best co ever? I think so.

And this one I just made because I was trying to use my new stuff from

My hubby was making her let me take the pic of her. Playing of course.

Cropin tmw with my cousin, Kristi and Beth. Should be a great time. There is a few spots left if anyone wants to join us. I really need to get what I am going to work on ready because if I dont I will sit there and talk the whole time and not do a damn thing.

Ohhh my kittens are getting so big. Anyone want one? Come on they are soooo cute. See...

Hehehe. Those little buggers are quick so it was hard to get a good pic of them. This one is mine and his name is either Charlie or Edward. I have 2 girl kitties named Bella and Lola. So both those names go with them lol. Kittens kittens everywhere!

On the cooking front hubs and I made a most delish stew. We used gravey packs to make it a nice thick one. MMMMMMMMM! Then my daughter Aria and I made Halloween Cinamon rolls.

She enjoyed herself.

Then we watched Hocus Pocus and It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. Man I love those movies. Sadly I havent seen any new scary movies as of yet T but I will be sure to report them when I do. T is my scary movie buddy.

We had a wonderful storm here the other day. Now it is gone and I am left with sun and warm weather yet again. BOOOO! LOL! It would be nice if it was at least 60 ish outside. Not 80! Oh well. Since there are many many pudles I decided it's time to pack in the flip flops and bust out the polka dotted Vans. Ahhh yes fall is here.

Last but not least over the weekend Beth did this wicked cool ZombieLand app on facebook and I HAD to copy her. Hehehehe I love it! Thanks Beth!

Next friday pumpkin patch! YAY! Halloween is fast approaching.



Vel said...

Ha! Love the zombie you...and super LOs!

Unknown said...

haha thats awesome you did the zombiefied thing like bethy!! i like yours too!
i just watched trick r treat and drag me to hell this weekend. i thought drag me to hell was really good! tick r treat only so so, it was pretty weird.... have you seen those yet??
i love all the new layouts that you have been creating!! i cant wait to see your halloween stuff!
oh, i would totally adopt a kitten if i could, lol! :)

metrochic said...

yay for the crafty buttbug! i love your layouts. WOO!

Ginajam said...

you're rockin the layouts!! and how cute is that kitten?? love the names (bella especially). that is a really creepy pic...i wanna try doing that!!

Lynn said...

Love your layouts! Love what you did for OLW!

Michelle said...

Oh how pretty! I wish I could have joined with you & Kristi. I had a retirement party to attend though, Maybe next time? Your kittens are beautiful!

TheresaK said...

Awwww...I just love the kitty pics! and their names too!!!!! I saw my first Micheal Meyers of the season this past weekend. I can watch that one over ..and over!! LOL!

dani said...

Awww I would SO take a kitty if I could. But even if I did live nearby the husband would kill me. I am such a cat person.

Love those pages, I need to have a good few hours without my brain getting in the way so I can bust some creativity out.