Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pack the moon with coffin, eyes so crazy for the dead.

I went to see Paranormal Activity last night. I was sooo wanting this one to be super good...Nope! I mean in no way was it bad but it wasn't as scary as EVERYONE had hyped it to be. Oh well. I don't regret seeing it of course because you know me and horror I will watch ANYTHING and enjoy it. The best part was I was with hubby and we had a very nice date night. The worst part was all the freakin idiots who were in the theater. I hate when ppl talk thru the damn movie. Someone brought their baby! Who does that? I mean when I had like a 2 year old I didn't bring them to the theater unless it was a kid show and that was one time and I LEARNED my lesson. But to a adult movie? Come on! The movie had a few funny parts in it and a few "make ya jump" parts. Every girl in the theater screamed (except me of course)and some screamed even when something small happened. Light weights! LOL! Anyway my vent/review is over lol!

I was over on sis the other day and seen Tara Anderson is sponsoring a challenge. I really love vintage things as u may know and the challenge was to use vintage stuff. YAY! Not to mention the prize is sweet!

I want it ever so much. I HAD to make something special for it. I have been wanting to make a wall hanging out of a old book now for ohhh maybe 2 years but just never wanted to spend the cash on the old book. I finally broke down and got one just for this occasion. As I was rummaging through things I found some old photos. I wanted to take them all home with me but couldn't of course. I kept going back to one photo and holding it and wondering what his name was, who his family was and how THEY could ever give up such a precious photo. I was reeled in, had to take it home. I wondered to myself what I would do with it. I paid for my purchase and went on my merry way.

When I got to the crop (had a wonderful time with Kristi, cousin, and Beth)I was soooo not feeling any sorta creative juices sooo i stared at my book and all the vintage bits that I managed to shove in my bag at the last min. Nope. I decided to wait till I got home to figure that one out. I pulled out the photo and still my heart wouldn't let go. We all started talking about these photos and old books. One of the ladies that I crop with Cheri said she had a bunch of old books and she would bring them to me because she was just going to throw them out. YAY! She also told me she already threw away a bunch of old pictures because she didn't know who in her family they were....WHAT??? I know you cant hold on to EVERYTHING but I don't have any cool old pics and if I did I would surely hold on to them. But we are all different.

Anyway I did work on the little project at home and I kept wondering what I was going to do with the little pic...As i started to make the wall hanging it slowly turned into a scrapbook about the pics that I will soon rescue and the one I had already.

Wonderful! I just love the idea and I love that now my little boy has a home.

I also love the fact that the book came with a big DISCARD stamped on the front page. I just had to add my little 2 cents to it.

As for the books, Cheri brought me 3 of them and they are sooooo wonderful. When I seen them my heart skipped a beat. No joke! I LOVE vintage stuff and these are to die for.

Don't you agree?!? She is a wonderful lady and I so thank her for these! She says she will bring me more she just has to go through them. She has boxes. eeekk!

Ok so I know I said I would post my Halloween stuff but this post is long so I will do that in a few days. I am sure most of you have seen most of it but there is a few things I haven't posted on the boards yet that I will post here first. Gotta give something fresh on here right? LOL! Happy fall my lovelies!


Vel said...

OMG I love what you've done! Wonderful, wonderful!

I have to tell you, I have a whole bunch of old books I use for crafting. I got them many years ago when I was going to household auctions every weekend. You'd be surprised how the family sees old (and I mean, OLD, like 150 years old) books and doesn't think anything of it and boxes them all up in a lot. I got a box with a 2nd edition A Christmas Carol in it for 5 BUCKS. Seriously. should maybe check out just never know what you'll find. :)

bethchien said...

Who in the hell brings a baby to the movie!!??!! are you serious?!
But, yes..back to me loving it all! I love what you made for the challenge!

dani said...

oh oh oh, I love this!
I once saw something kind of sort of along these lines... it was like a "family album" to hold orphan photos the artist was finding and I thought that was such a neat idea. I love what you did!

Ginajam said...

Dang...I love how it turned out! nice work! I also Love that facebook look awesome (and of course I love the devil horns).

Michelle said...

So very cool! Love it! I don't have any old family photos either. Just really poor quality scans.

TheresaK said...

I just love your altered book cover!!! It is soooo beautiful!!

When we went to see Halloween 2 , there was a girl who brought a 3 year old. I could not believe it!!!

Julie Ann Rachelle Interior Design said...

Totally love your book!!! Did you post it at BG???!!!!