Wednesday, October 28, 2009

They do the mash, it was the monster mash.

Man I have been an updating fool lately. It is all because of facebook. Instead of watching tv I am on this damn puter and to pass the time while waiting for my garden to grow or my food to cook or someone to rob/kill I create and or post blog msgs lol! I have many a scary movie to watch tho so this may have to wait.

On to the Halloween goodies that I said I would post. This one is a super easy and quick banner I made. Just newspaper and c.s. Great recycle project and it looks fab. Love it! (pay no attention to the ugo mantel and paint job...It is currently under construction lol!)

Then I made these other Halloween decos. I was so inspired by Tara Anderson yet again and made this Halloween door hanger.

It made the catwalk over on sis...Yay me!

I kept thinking I REALLY need to use up my Halloween stuff because I know if it sits here I wont use it next year. I decided to make anything and everything I could think of...Here are those things.

For you door knob.

I made an extra one for a special friend.

Just lil things to put on your mantel or shelf.

An atc.

A special Halloween page for scrapjacked.

I loved the girls photos on there so I decided I need a costume photo too. Hence the devil girl pics. I think they turned out pretty ok. My hubs sure liked them lol!

I have soooo much Halloween paper left. Time is running out. Once Halloween is over I am one of those ones who does not scrap it. Only 4 more days till Halloween!!!! Not even enough time to do what I should. Ah well.

Went to the pumpkin patch yesterday. So much fun! I will share pics soon. Oh and my OLW page made the favs. I am so totally bummed they are shutting down. Didn't see that one by a mile. Boowhoo!

I will be making time for the Girls Night Out crop on nov 13Th so if you can join me let me know! I would love to scrap with ya!


P.S. For those of you who care or believe...Pls keep our family in prayer. Husband is still without a job and Unemployment has run out. We are hoping for that 13 week extension to be passed. Thanks!


Melissa Mann said...

oh my! hope he finds a job soon or that extension is passed!!

cute projects!

Unknown said...

Hugs my friend, praying something comes along and you get the extension.
LOVE the newspaper banner!!

Micayla said...

Hey Marie,
Congrats on the catwalk. I check it each week and always get excited if I see you on there!
Loving the halloween goodies, they are do knock out some stellar stuff girlie.
Fingers crossed about the extension. I know how is is as Steve's hours have been cut down to 10 and there is nothing about. I gave up work to stay at home with Emily and since I did everything has just gone tits up! The cooker died, MOT cost £200 amongst many other things we just dont seem to get a break and even though it would kill me to go back to work, if something does not come up after Christmas then I may have to start looking. It is breaking my heart already.
Anyways take care sweets and by the way you are looking fab and soooooo skinny!

Anonymous said...

LOVE your Halloween stuff-too awesome! It's my favorite holiday. And I love the layout-hot-hellish hot!!

dani said...

I agree - you are looking amazing hun!!

I'll be thinking of you guys. I'm about to go out of my mind. I hope that extension passes for you all too. Missouri got one, so ours will last longer but still, I think in February it will be out. But seriously, if he's still unemployed by then I may have lost my mind. I've never feel so bleak before!!

I did no halloween crafting - I really wish I had! This is all just amazing stuff!

Michelle said...

Love your creations! They are oh-so-pretty! I will keep your fam in my prayers.

bethchien said...

Girl, I love every single one of your Halloween projects!! They rock rock!!!!!!!!! I love Halloween so much! I can't wait to get my pics in so I can start my album! lol
Thanks for playing over at ScrapJack!

Julie Ann Rachelle Interior Design said...

Woohoo for the CATWALK!! So well deserved, and all of your halloween projects are awsesome.

Prayers said for your DH!!!