Monday, February 8, 2010

You may ask yourself...How do I work this?

Time just seems to be going soo fast. Why? I mean why is it when we get old it goes faster and faster. Remember when we were kids how slow time seemed to go? I mean at work I don't mind the time slippin by but at home slow it down just a little will ya? Sheesh.

Valentines day is almost here. Hubby is looking for a hotel room. We have 4 kids so we have to get a room to be alone lol! I love spending TIME with him. We will probably go see a movie and eat out somewhere nice. It really doesn't matter what we do I always enjoy myself. I truly love him to bits and couldn't imagine my life without him. I have been taking a lot of pics of him and I together lately so I had a lot to scrap. Sorry if you are tired of seeing us lol!

This page I made for the current dare...

Oooo and I totally need to share some cool ass SB news. Christina Padilla asked me to come join her for some debauchery here...How cool is that? If you love twilight come and play...If you don't come and play anyway! Here is the current challenge and what I did with it.

More valentines Day craftyness.

I am soooo in love with those paper flowers. I found the tutorial on Elle's blog. Beautiful and easy. I really like how the felt ones come out too. Gonna make some hair clips or something out of them.

Happy accident on that heart. I had ruffled the crepe paper and thought the white was to much so I was gonna glimmer mist it yellow. When I did it only glimmer misted it in stripes! I love how that turned out!

Last but not least some hair bows I have been making. I am in love with them and they are super super easy. I was gonna post the link for the tutorial but I cant find the dang thing. I guess I'll have to make my own.

Have been getting a little bit o sun these past few days. Just here and there. The sun, when it does come out, makes me feel happy and warm inside. Winter really starts to bring me down. I stepped outside my door and looked down in the flower pot to find this lovely peeking its head out. Spring is on its way! Best part is I got those bulbs at the dollar tree! So excited they came up.

I really really wish I could take real TTV pics but I will have to settle for digi frames.

The original.

Well I have so much more to share but man this post would be days long. So next time my bloggie friends. Now off to run errands and get ready for VDAY!



bethchien said...

Gorgeous layouts and projects!! and I love love love those hair bows!!
beautiful TTV. I can't wait to get some good sunshine here, so I can play with my old camera!
Have a good day sweets!

Anonymous said...

I love the heart! It's so beautiful!


dani said...

you are SO super crafty!
Love these gorgeous pages... and the hair bows! How freakin' cool!

I need to make those paper flowers I think...

Kimberly Scott said...

pretty layouts:)

cococricketsmama said...

everything is so fantastic!
Have fun on your V night!!

Ginajam said...

You've been busy...LOVE ALL OF YOUR CREATIONS! You can never have too many pics of you and your man...I need to start doing that with mine!! Have a great Valentines DAy and let us know how it turns out :-)

Marit said...

Have a happy, HAPPY Valentine's day Marie!

Julie Ann Rachelle Interior Design said...

Hey, how was your hotel room? boom chicka wow wow

(we got one too, LOL)

Love the title of this post by the way! Love the layering in your second layout, everything you do I love!

Hey how do you make the hearts in blogger?