Sunday, March 14, 2010

Some more. Yes please, some more.

Last Thursday I posted a blog post over at the Bad Girls blog with some inspiring garland. I found many that were lovely and want to make them all. The first one tho that I tried my hand at was this one.

So being the crafty person I THINK I am I googled origami butterflies and found the one shown in the pic above. Got out my trusty book that I tear pages out of and went to work. Here is my finished product.

Those butterflies are really simple to make. If you want to try your hand at one here is the video I used to make them.

After you make 10 or so you string them on some string of choice...I used fishing line and cut some lovely fabric for the bows. Viola done! So pretty, simple, and cheap! :)

If you make any let me know I would love to see where you put it.

Went croppin with Diane and Ginger in Berkley at Scrapbook Territory fri night. Man that store is beautiful! I mean they had almost everything you could want. It was huge! We stopped in at Anthropology. WOW! I have never been in there and I was instantly in love. Beautiful things everywhere. If I had a million dollars my house would so look like that store. HA!

I took pics with my phone.

Ahhh so lovely!

Last but not least I scrapped. Here are those pages.

This one I made for the sketch I created just for Bad girls. Pls come and play along with me! It is my daughter Aria eatin ice cream at the park.

This one I did last night. Been wanting to use fabric on my pages lately. I really like the colors of this. Its my sister and I after we went and saw Alice.

Me and my iPhone pic. Made this one using the Kenner Road kit. I do dream sometimes a little to much. Maybe.

Now I want to make something lovely. Like a wall hanging or something. Spring is popin its head in here and there and it's really put me in the mood to get my house in order and make it look beautiful. Not to mention the anthro store really made me want to make things look lovely. I'm torn on my wall color again. Part of me just thinks maybe I should keep them white. But another part of me wants them the red. AGH! Decisions. I love the look of all white with accents. I am really into the whole vintage shabby chic feel of things. *sigh* My living room is small and I have kids...Hmmph well I will think on it.

What color is your living room?



Melissa Mann said...

beautiful layouts, girlie! super jealous you went to Anthro!!! I SOOO wanna go to one of those stores!

Diane B. said...

So glad you came scrappin' with us on Friday. Hope it was worth your extended drive! Next time Ginger & I will come down to see you! Love what you've done with your blog! ...and don't fret over your wall color. My house is beige so you're not missing anything exciting at my house. LOL

Kari said...

we should scrap sometime! i live close too!! i LOVE scrapbook territory :D

ps. LOVE your pages

Cynthia said...

Ah what a cool store!!!!!!! Love myself some Anthro too. And for living room walls. White is perfect:) I love my white walls. Decor just pops!!!!!

Marit said...

Lovely pics, lovely layouts!!! Aahhh, getting itchy now that Spring is right around the corner... I did only a little bit of cleaning to prepare for it (not a huge "Spring clean" - yet) My house is overall creme (the walls as well as the huge couch) with brownish accent and a big light wooden table - maple wood - and an oak-wooden floor... I like it that way and am not planning to paint it in a different colour. I need that peaceful enviroment to relax my mind)

Danielle said...

those are awesome layouts, and that garland!! So cool! I'm going to the bay area for easter...hmmmm...that store sounds heavenly...

Lindsay said...

Love the new pages, Marie!

I've been into Anthropologie once, the Boston store and that was about a year or so ago (I haven't really been down to Boston to shop lately) and I fell in love with it, but oh my, it's expensive! I seriously agree...a million dollars would be nice to spend in there, but even then, I have to wonder how far it would go, haha...I remember I saw the prettiest drawer pull in there and it was some insane price...I can't even remember now, but I remember it was insane...

Good luck with your paint about painting one wall a color? Like an accent wall?