Friday, March 26, 2010

There Aint No Rest For The Wicked

First let me say I did a blog post over at the BG blog. Inspired by kitsch and collages, I made this.

Used one of those big ol bottle caps and my fav paper ever! Melody Ross flocked GCD. YUM! Seriously reminds me of my grandma. Love it! Oh and that new wood paper from CI. You can use a punch on it! Fabulous.

Oh no! More then a week has gone by since I last posted! What?!?! Life seems to get away from me. Goes to fast. In the week that has passed by I had a birthday. I am not *GULP* 33 years old. Oh sheesh. I hate being in my 30's I wanna be in my 20's forever. I had a pretty nice birthday. I did have to work but other then that it was really lovely. My hubby always goes out of his way to make me feel special. Not only did he buy me a happy birthday outfit and a kick ass printer but he managed to buy me things I didn't even know I wanted. LOL!

Just one of the beautiful Orchids my hubs has bought me. I ♥ them soo very much.

So sweet.

Have I told you how much I love my iPhone? Ok I am sure I have but seriously love that thing. It sadly has kept me from reading my book at work. I know the love will soon dwindle and I will be back to my old routine.

Haven't seen any good movies lately. It seems we have been so busy. Doing what I have no clue but I am sure it was something cool. ;)

Spring has really come at me full force. It is my very Fav season. Everything is beautiful the sun shines but there is lovely breezes. My favorite part is the flowers that start to peak their head out of the soil.

One of my beautiful tulips outside my door.

I have created some craftyness for spring. That will show up here soon.

I have to catch you all up on my things I have made.

Made this with the JB kit. My son Aeden at the park on Valentines day.

This one made the catwalk. My hubby and I taking silly photo booth pics. The envie is for his little love notes he writes me.

This one I used the Kenner Road kit. Hubs and I. I love taking pics with him.

Man I didn't realize I haven't shared many creations here. I usually post them all on facebook since it is soo easy.

I have SO much to play with. As I type I have the new Kenner Road kit and my very first BG kit! Oh so beautiful. I also have some new lovely fabric to play with. Now the mojo just needs to start coming to me. We shall see.

Today is my daughter Aria's birthday! She is 8 and her party is going to be tmw. She wants pizza no matter how much I wish she would've picked bbq we are having pizza ha! Busy weekend ahead. I hope you all stay safe and make something beautiful!



Diane B. said...

Glad you had a fantastic birthday! Remember the KI feather I was drooling over from your JB kit? Well, I can't believe I found them at Michaels! Needless to say I snatched myself some and already used it in a mini book! :) We'll have to plan another crop soon. Maybe we can invite ourselves over to Ginger's palace when she moves in. ha ha!

Melissa Mann said...

Beautiful layouts!! I must look for this wood paper!! Sounds fantastic!

finnabair said...

:))) your creativity goes wild!!

bethchien said...

all awesome projects!

Danielle said...

wow-fab layouts and I super love that collage!!!

dani said...

Everyone loves the iphone, I'm afraid I might have to give in soon, even though I think it's going to be wasted awesomeness on me! I just don't use the phone that much!

Glad your birthday was so nice!

Lovely pages, I like keeping up with people's layouts and projects on facebook, it's so easy to keep up when a new one pops up on your wall!

Michelle Clement said...

Happy birthday to Aria! :) And lovely pages, Marie - I haven't been by in a while and missed seeing them!! :)

Anonymous said...

your blog is so cute... i get kr kits too, love to see what you create with them :)

Michelle said...

Oh, happy birthday Marie!! I hope it was lovely! :) And your scrapbook pages are rad, as always, hun! Love em, love em!