Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Our bodies get bigger but our hearts get torn up.

I was waiting to do a blog post with my creations from BG but it will have to be minus the creations. It has been to long since I posted anything soo I am breaking down and doing it without.

I sooo need to clean my desk. I just posted a pic on FB of the mess and well I got a few ppl that really gave it to me lol! At least it isn't dirt or anything. Just craft stuff thrown around. I cant help it. I try to be organized but I am sooo not. Especially when I have deadlines.

How was your Easter? It rained here! Booo on the rain. I do love rain but not on my parade dang it! The kids had to hunt eggs in the house. Not as fun as in our huge backyard. Oh well. The food was yummy. Hubby bbq'ed under the patio. Mmmmm.

I painted my living room. All finished. Well almost. Adding things here and there. Here are some peeks.

I know its dark but it is a peek. LOL! See my couch? I wanted white but they didn't have them so I got Turquoise. I will eventually get white tho.

My Easter display. That is a dvd cabinet I painted and added the wood applique things. His dad had them in the garage and I thought how lovely they would be on my ugo furniture lol! I am just waiting for my mercury glass knobs to finish it off.

Another pic of the display. Love me some salvage. I have that piece and 2 on my fireplace and one that will go on my other end table. Soon I will share all those too.

They had this lovely salvage corbel I want sooo bad but it is huge! I am talking gigantic! I dont know where I would put it. I really really want it tho. Maybe mothers day? LOL! First need to find a place for it.

OMG let me tell you it has been a fight in a half to keep my kids hands off the walls! Not to mention they broke only my very fav pot the other day. Now I know why I never fix my house up. I do this every few years. I hate looking at a ugly house so I decide I'm gonna try to fix it up. Then my kids prove to me that I am not meant to have anything nice! LOL! So frustrating. I am determined to keep this living room beautiful tho. It just makes me so happy to be in it. *sigh*

Now to do the rest of this house. The outside is soo in need of a paint job. Oh did I tell you. I HATE painting? Sucks but I must say the results are worth it. My kitchen needs a total re haul and I need to add another room on this tiny itty bitty house. Dreams dreams dreams. So many big plans. So little money ha!

Ok on to scrappyness. I have some oh so lovely news to share. I am guesting some beautiful lovely place. I cant tell you for where or who yet but I will soon let you all in. Soooooo super excited. Also I got a email from a lovely friend who wants me to use her beautiful products! More about that soon!

I will leave you with this little sign I made. Just something I threw together.

Love those canvas refill pages from prima and their packaging lol!

Oh one more thing. New mojo is up! The inspo is lovely and the prize package is yummy yummy yummy! Come check it out and play along!


Traci Keriazakos said...

I hate painting also! A lot! I am going to try really hard to keep my messes out of site. I'll send you a picture the first time it is out of control! LOL!

dani said...

That DVD cabinet is gorgeous! wow!

Mahlin said...

"threw together". You´re amazing, that little sign is so cute. Love the pics from your home. I just wish I had the talent (and a 2yr old who doesn´t make a mess every sec.) to make such a beautiful home.

Danielle said...

that is one awesome DVD cabinet-need one of those...and your Esater display is too cute.
Next time I'm driving through Stockton I'll give you a few days notice, not as I'm actually driving through, it would have been awesome to meet up! We'll be back there this summer (SF).

Michelle said...

Your lil peeks are beautiful! My mom used to always say that she can't have anything nice. Now that my sister and I are adults she has plenty of beautiful things. :)