Thursday, January 19, 2012

Drops of Jupiter in her hair

Hiya! So it has been a while...Not proud of that but a working girl is having a hard time managing her time. I commute a hour every day on top of a 9 hour work day. Poo! When I get home I really just wanna sit and veg. I cant seem to move my body after running around all day. Not having 2 days off in a row really messes with me too. Ok ok enough with the excuses. I did manage to do some things. Creative type is up and ready for your spin. This is mine.
My resolutions for this year are to enjoy life. Try to not focus so much on the negative and more on the positive. It was a rough 2011 and an even rougher 2010 but I have faith that this year will be better. I love how happy Betty Paige looks in the pic I used. I adore her. I used a TON of hambly. Speaking of Hambly I have some sneaks for ya. The new collection coming out soon! I am sooo over the moon with how beautiful it is! I mean really! Cant wait to get my hands on it. Soon I will play!

Tell me what you think! What is your fav so far. I am loving the cha peeks. I adore hambly of course and really am loving CP and studio calico. What is your fav so far?

I am working on a TON of valentines day stuff. What have you been up to?


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Michelle Hernandez said...

You hit on my top 3- these Hambly sneaks are AWESOME!!! LOVING the bitty clouds!!! I also like the My Mind's Eye collections with all the hexagons- lots of great products this season- it's gonna be hard to pick and choose so I can stay on budget but a few og these Hambly are definitely coming home! Love the Creative Type page- I keep meaning to join the challenge- on my to do list for this month.