Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Should old acquaintance be forgot

First of all Happy New Year! SOOOOO much to share! Did you have a wonderful holiday? Mine was pretty great. Kids were happy, I was happy, hubby was happy. My sister had a baby! I am a new auntie. I have a job. My family is healthy. My husband loves me to no end and I him. Life is good. I am trying to be MORE positive. See the good.

What was your resolutions? OLW? Mine is enjoy. Enjoy the things I do have. The little things. Life. Just enjoy it all. We only get one life and mine could be over any time. ENJOY!

I have a little bit of a sneak for GCD.

Our own Heidi S designed it. If you want the full collection you have to check out the blog on Jan 6th. Believe me it is fabulous!

Ok I know I through a lot at you in a tiny post but I promise I will be back soon with lots more. I am also going to work on my procrastination problem. No more putting off tmw what I could do today. Wish me luck in that! Oh and work has really messed me up. All I wanna do is sit on my couch and do nada when I get home. I am pushing myself to DO more. Wish me luck! :)


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