Sunday, March 11, 2012

When she was just a girl, she expected the world

Busy busy life. Not really mostly work. That's not fun. Took Raven to get more fillings today. She enjoyed that...Not! Then came home and decided another blog post was in order. I have been wanting to share this page for a while. It is for the new creative type prompt. I love how it turned out. My daughter is so photogenic. We were at the park being silly, you know the usual. I told her to hold this button up to her mouth so I could take a pic. She obliged. I love that she is game. Anyway I found this magazine add on pinterest. It was a Starbucks add. LOVED it and knew it would be perfect for this challenge.

Feel free to use it too.

In other news the hubs and I have seen a few movies. Us on our date night.

This night we seen the lady in black. I liked it! Pretty good flick. The other night we saw project X. Wasn't really impressed with it. It was ok.

I have lots more creations to share and cant wait.
The dear Lizzy line really inspired me to make stuff...Oh and I have been playing with lots of new hambly! Come back soon!


Art From The heart said...

Pretty gal,not a movie goer but always enjoy hearing reports.

Michelle Hernandez said...

Love this page! Something about the small embellishments and that wonderful pinked circle just really speaks to me. Great photo and design.I keep meaning to join Creative Type challenges but my DT work sneaks up on me too. :)