Friday, June 8, 2012

As if she means it

I know we all go through this. I go through it at least 3 times a month. It usually is due to the fact that all grows quiet on my blog. No comments are being given anywhere. I start to feel like my work is lame. I question why I even do this. Then I remember, I do it to document my life. For me and my children. Yes that is something simple. I shouldnt forget it. We all get wrapped up in what other people think. It is hard not to. That is when we need to step away and re-evaluate. There is nothing wrong with wanting validation. Just dont let it consume you!

I have to say this past week has really made me feel special. So much love has been given on IG that it made my heart almost burst. I truly appreciate all the comments and likes I get and darn it, it makes me smile. I dont do this for comments, but they sure are nice to get! LOL!

With all that being said I have some more scraps to share. Here we go!

My beautiful daughter Aria. I love all these pics we took in the yellow mustard flowers. She seems to always be running around so I dont get many pics of my other 3 children. Used crate papers pretty party for this page.

This page I did about a weed. A weed that grows here and when I was a kid my mom showed me you can make scissors out of them. Silly little things. I mean they don't cut, but I thought it was soooo cool. I in turn showed my children. One time we made fairy houses and that has sparked my imagination along with the kids. I told them these weeds were also fairy swords. My 8 year old was hooked on finding stuff for fairies ever since. He brought me these. I had to take a pic. I love that he still believes in magic.Used crate papers story teller for this page and a few bits from my studio calico kit. The stamp is from the pieces of me workshop kit.

The winner of the blog hop will be announced the 10th! So come back and see if you won!



Unknown said...

Hello precious pea. I hear you. I love ya, just wish there was more time in my life to say it :)

Brandy Layton said...

Lovely pages as always! :)

Leah said...

love your mini! and I just became a follower!

Bethany Becker said...

I am a follower. I love your mini album. Thanks for sharing!

Jessy Christopher said...

What a gorgeous album!! Love your details on each page!