Tuesday, August 28, 2012

And I will sing a lullaby

Is this thing on? "tap tap"... Lol! Life continues to move quickly here. So much to do, so little time. Anyone got a bottle of it they can sell me? Along with some energy. Haha!

My shop has been pretty wonderful. I am happy with how it looks and my inventory. I adore my customers! If you haven't seen it drop on by and tell me what you think!

I have many more ideas for non hair bow stuff. Paper crafting things. Hopefully soon.

In between all that I have lots of paper to play with. Oh and this awesome machine that makes my heart skip a beat! Oh my I am in love. Well I will be as soon as I get the hang of it...& get my laptop up and running lol! I cut some lovely things tho.
Kids started school. Have to share the pics.
I was trying to get them to smile but have it not look fake. I told them laugh. Then my youngest farted, that did the trick! My goodness! Boys!


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teacakemake said...

I LOVE my Cameo, need to cut some more things with it so that I'm ready to start my Project Life next week!