Sunday, October 20, 2013

I knew you were trouble when you walked in

Oh man time to play catch up. These months are flying by at record speed. I have not one halloween decoration up. Luckily I have watched a billion and one scary movies. If you follow me on netflix you can see what those movies are and what I thought of them. Honestly I have watched to many to keep track. Some not so great.

My October in pictures

I have been in a total creative slump lately. I mean really. Part of me was thinking maybe its time to hang it up and quit. QUIT?! Really? No. I go through this every year. Some longer then others. This one seems pretty long but I will snap out of it soon. I am hopeful.

I have created a few things here and there. Here is 2 from Glitz. They are my saving grace. The only thing that keeps me going. I seriously haven't even touched my SC kits in months.

To Make matters worse I went to go create today out in my lil space and found rat droppings and YES a rat staring right at me! ACK! SOOOOO now it is time to buy traps and somehow clean the poops up without getting sick. Im a little freaked out. UGH! Grosses me out to think its poop is all over my craft room.

Ok on to sharing my creations haha!

I love Halloween but honestly this year I haven't been able to breath and enjoy ANYTHING. Life is just passing by so quick.

I will say I have changed a big issue in my life. Instead of talking about going to the gym I have started doing it. I am proud to say I have went 4 times in the past week and plan on making it a regular thing before work. It is time to get healthy and get this body into shape! I need to keep thinking positive and keep making small changes.

Next weekend we are off to the haunted houses! I cant wait!


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